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Healthcare will always be a people-based activity, reliant on the skill and dedication of healthcare professionals. But one of the key learnings to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic is this: good technology choices can radically enhance healthcare – both for the professionals who deliver it and for the patients (and their relatives) who receive it.

Fully-managed network solutions, using the latest cloud-based and edge technology, enable hospitals (and other healthcare settings) to transform their IT systems. The potential benefits are huge: fast, reliable Wi-Fi (for staff and patients); simple but secure role-based access control; prioritized critical care apps; and the ability to fully leverage IoT. Everything can be integrated into a single, seamless solution, making it easy to monitor and manage. Moreover, flexible pricing models make it feasible without big capital outlays.

In an insightful webinar hosted by industry experts European Electronique (EE) and Aruba Networks, you’ll get an inside view of the transformative impact of network upgrades on healthcare.

Irfan Ullah, Network Services Manager at The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Greater London, will offer insight into transforming the patient experience at his Trust, focusing on a Wi-Fi refresh programme. And Jon Howell, senior executive at Aruba Networks, will look at cutting edge solutions for healthcare – including contact tracing, Wi-Fi and frictionless working.

For healthcare managers and IT professionals, this is a must-attend webinar.

Discover how the latest technology can help you elevate the healthcare experience. Sign up for this free webinar on Thursday 15th October at 2pm HERE.

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