£130 million to be invested in new tech to tackle cancer and illnesses

NHS patients will receive faster diagnosis of life-threatening diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s and dementia.

Government will be investing a total of £130 million into innovation including artificial intelligence and gene-based therapies which will change peoples’ lives, and will allow people to receive new treatments for various ailments including cancer.

On 9 September, details were unveiled of how government will help thousands across the country who are living with ailments and diseases by investing a massive £130 million. The funds will be used to diagnose and treat various illnesses using the latest tech, and therefore potentially saving lives and improving the quality of life for people with diseases like Parkinson’s, cancer and dementia.

£50 million will be used for NHS diagnostic services to make more timeous and accurate diagnosis of various diseases. The funding will also support existing Centres of Excellence, using artificial intelligence in digital pathology and imaging. These various centres- based in Oxford, Leeds, Coventry and London- will further develop cutting edge products whilst partnering with more NHS Trusts.

£7.5 million will be used for Adult social care for research to improve delivery and care for the most vulnerable people in the country. Bioscience projects and technologies will get a £14 million injection for tech that could treat various ailments like osteoarthritis. The funding will also be used to develop new vaccines among other things.

Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom said:

“Chronic and painful illnesses like arthritis and Parkinson’s are dreadful and prevent people from living a full life.

“Curing these kinds of debilitating illnesses is one of the great challenges we face globally, and today’s commitment will play a vital role in ensuring that our scientists and thinkers have the tools they need to find new treatments that will support people to lead longer, healthier lives”.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said:

“We’ve got to bring NHS technology into the 21st century. I’ve seen for myself how better technology and diagnosis can save clinicians’ time so they can concentrate on care. The NHS is now spearheading world-leading technologies that can transform and save lives through new treatments, diagnosis techniques and care. I’m determined that the benefits of these advances will improve the lives of thousands of patients whose conditions have long been considered life-limiting.

“Combined with this new funding, none of this would be possible without the long-term plan, backed by an extra £33.9 billion a year for the NHS”.

Minister for Innovation Nicola Blackwood said:

“The UK is a global powerhouse in health research and innovation. The investments announced today will cement this, and help to further deliver on the NHS’s international leadership on applying artificial intelligence to complex health problems. Today’s announcement is good for patients, good for staff and good for researchers”.

UK Research and Innovation Chief Executive, Professor Sir Mark Walport, said:

“Supporting people to live long, healthy and independent lives is a fundamental value of our society and, as our population ages, one of the biggest challenges we face.

“This £133 million investment will tackle important chronic diseases and also create a national centre of evidence for implementing the best evidence to provide adult social care”.

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