A Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology (Infographic)

For several years now, the cryptocurrency market has been making headlines all around the world. This led many people to question whether the digital economy is indeed the future of the current financial market. So far, all trends seem to strengthen this claim.

Since the market is on its way to mass-adoption, now is the best time to start getting accustomed to the basics of holding, sending, buying, mining, and investing in digital currencies. As such, there are numerous online resources attempting to explain everything there is to know about this booming market.

However, this abundance of knowledge, alongside figuring out how to get started, can be quite confusing. As part of this brief introduction, we will outline the main topics worth taking into consideration when embarking on your crypto knowledge journey.

Cryptocurrency wallets are your first stop. You ought to learn the basics of setting up your wallet, receiving, and sending coins.

Buying/selling crypto represents your second must-know topic. The market offers a variety of purchase/selling methods, thus picking the right one is a difficult choice. You can opt for crypto exchanges, bitcoin ATMs, P2P transfers, or even local cash-based payment methods.

Volatility and investments are also important for the newbie crypto user. As you may already know, coins can gain or lose massive amounts of value in minutes. You must figure out when it’s time to buy, sell, and hold your crypto.

Mining is the most important behind-the-scenes process, as miners throughout the world use their specialized hardware to verify transactions authenticity. For instance, by using the infographic that has been linked earlier on, you’ll also learn more about how you can get involved in cryptocurrency mining and earn an extra profit on the side.

Blockchain-related topics will help you learn more about what makes cryptos so special, alongside what concepts like transparency or decentralization mean.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, feel free to use this knowledge to get started on your journey of learning about cryptocurrencies. It’s no longer the distant future.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals