Abloy Cliq helps Claremont hospital increase timely patient drug control

Security expert Abloy UK has supplied Claremont Hospital with PROTEC2 CLIQ® and TRAKA 21 advanced key management systems to improve the security of medicines and increase nursing efficiency.

For many healthcare institutions, nursing efficiency and medicine management can be a major cause of concern, with drugs needing to be secured effectively whilst giving nurses quick and convenient access. For Claremont Hospital, PROTEC2 CLIQ® was the solution to this problem.

PROTEC2 CLIQ® is an easy-to-use access control system based on mechanical high-security disc cylinders combined with highly encrypted electronic locking and identification.

The CLIQ® key provides power to the lock; therefore, no batteries or cables are required to either the lock or drug cabinet, making it an ideal retrofit solution – even for applications such as mobile drug trolleys.

PROTEC2 CLIQ® was combined with the TRAKA21 key management system, which provides nurses access to a specific key for the duration of their shift. By simply entering a PIN code to collect the key which they validate using the programming unit, they can then open every cabinet for which they are authorised.

The system led to an immediate improvement in the timely administration of medicines. In October 2018, a pharmacy audit found that 79% of patients felt that their pain killers were given promptly and on time, since the installation of CLIQ® this figure has jumped to 92% (2 months of CLIQ but three months of figures) – almost an immediate success and a worthwhile investment in service quality.

David Bell, Ward Manager Claremont Hospital Sheffield, said: “Following a trial of the CLIQ® System we invested in a fully installed system which has proved to be a total hit with the nursing staff.

“It is saving nurses time and frustration and is a much safer and regulatory compliant system, not only because lost keys can easily be deleted from the system, it also keeps an audit trail of who opened which cupboard and when.

“Most importantly though, it means patients don’t have to wait as long for medication anymore – at Claremont, this often means pain killers promptly.”




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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals