AI for Drug Discovery and Preclinical Development Summit

With the increase in collaboration between AI tech development and big pharma, we’re witnessing an instantaneous transformation as AI is at an inflection point in drug discovery and the time to get involved is now!

Headlines spotlighting GSKAZNovartisRocheBayer, and Sanofi’s positive results from their AI-powered drug discovery efforts have been nonstop, making industry one step closer to discovering and commercializing a ground-breaking AI-enabled drug.

Uniting computational, chemistry, data, bioinformatics, and pharmacology experts to successfully capitalize on the transformative power of AI, the Practical AI for Drug Discovery & Preclinical Development Summit (January 30 – February 1, San Diego) is your opportunity to assimilate the latest practical implementations of predictive models, explainable AI and highly automized procedures to discover nontoxic and stable drugs while reducing processing costsfalse positives, and staffing hours. This conference is your definitive industry forum consolidating industry progress in precise target identification, repurposing existing drugs and personalized medicine. Furthermore, this is the only practical, case-study led AI for drug discovery conference covering topics including Generative AI, in silico screening, computational design algorithms and Transformer models.

This meeting will explore the thrilling convergence of technology and pharmaceuticals to pave the way for faster, more precise drug discovery and preclinical efforts by delving into industry’s most cutting-edge case studies.

Unmissable highlights include:

  • Enhancing the selectivity and efficiency of molecules with Head of AI Platforms at Insilico Medicine by using a structure-based generative chemistry approach
  • Identifying novel targets and combinations with Senior Director & Head of Computational Biology & Oncology Research at Pfizer by leveraging results from preclinical screening of drug sensitivity in molecular cell lines
  • Streamlining cross-functional relationships with Head of Biologics & Novel Modalities, Discovery & Capabilities, Products, Scientific Informatics Takeda to elucidate the future towards successfully predicting immunogenicity and developability for biologics

Download the Full Event Guide here

Join the summit to hear from 17+ expert speakers including: Petrina Kamya, Vice President, AI Platforms & President at Insilco Medicine Canada, Sandor Szalma, Global Head, Genetics & Systems Biology at Takeda Development Center Americas, Christine Bakan, Global Head & Group Vice President, Computational Science & Informatics R&D at Roche and Ruben Abagyan, Professor, Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of California. Click here to see our full speaker faculty.

Key benefits of attending include:

  • Make molecules more selective and efficient by grasping unique insights for discovering novel targets and lead optimization with Insilico Medicine by using a structurebased generative chemistry approach
  • Better characterize the tumor microenvironment by exploring the next generation of spatial analytic tools with the University of Michigan to illuminate the need for analytical platforms to interpret specific kinds of data sets
  • Harness the ability to effectively identify novel targets and combinations with Pfizer by leveraging results from preclinical screening of drug sensitivity in molecular cell lines
  • Strengthen AI model selections and qualifications for drug discovery with Takeda Pharmaceuticals to integrate AI processes across functions and elucidate the future towards successfully predicting developability for biologics
  • Decode a range of diseases using machine learning with Calico Life Sciences by disentangling a practical example of using human data to drive discovery efforts

When you leave the Summit, you will be able to practically implement generative AI/ML tools that merge multiple data sources to better understand and drug new disease targets. You would have developed tactics to overcome the data generation bottleneck and strategize on ways to make data universally accessible. Furthermore, you would have networked with experts in the space from RocheTakedaNovartis Biomedical ResearchGSKInsilico MedicineCalico Life Science, Pfizer and many more to cultivate a space for the cross-pollination of ideas, collaboration, and innovative approaches to drug discovery. View the Full Event Guide here to access 3 days of innovative content, 3 interactive panel discussions and 9+ hours of networking with 60+ AI/ML experts.

Don’t just take our word for it:

  • “Great opportunity to learn about new methods, models and ways to answer different drug discovery questions” – Bristol Myers Squibs
  • “The domain knowledge each speaker brought to the conference is impressive” – Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • “This meeting is an essential step towards shaping a brighter, more informed future for drug discovery and preclinical development” – GEn1E Lifesciences
  • “Great opportunity to meet researchers from academia and industry, learning about new approaches, ideas to solve the most challenging problems, establishing new contacts and mutually beneficial collaborations” – Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • “Excellent platform to help improve the communication between AI scientist and domain expert in drug discovery” – Xellar biosystems

With transformative advances in AI algorithms, data analytics tools, AI-enabled drug discovery, protein engineering and medical imaging, investment is flooding into this radically evolving field. The Practical AI for Drug Discovery & Preclinical Development Summit provides an unmissable opportunity to connect with experts from large pharma and leading biotech looking to ameliorate their preclinical and discovery efforts by leveraging AI/ML tools. Capitalize on our audience of highly engaged decision-makers prioritizing the use of AI to establish your company as a leading industry provider. Learn more about partnership opportunities here.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to witness and be a part of the successes in AI-enabled drug discovery. For this week only you’re eligible for a Discounted Rate of up to $600, if you register before Friday, December 8. Furthermore, you can take advantage of group discounts of up to 20% when you bring your team! Secure your place here.


Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals

Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals