AI-powered software transforming stroke care in Milton Keynes

Software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming care for stroke patients at Milton Keynes Hospital. The new software is helping to quickly diagnose and treat patients.

The software analyses CT (computerised tomography) scans, which are detailed images of the body created by x-rays and a computer. The software also automatically flags any signs of possible damage to the brain to doctors. Doctors are also able to instantly review and share the CT scans remotely from their smartphones. This allows them to be able to make quicker clinical decisions, saving precious time when someone is suffering from a stroke. It also gives patients a better chance of recovery.

Margaret, from Milton Keynes, collapsed while taking her dog for a walk near her home and was rushed to Milton Keynes Hospital. Once she had her CT scan, doctors were able to view the scans instantly on their smartphone using the AI-powered software. They also used the software to analyse and identify any areas of the brain that may be damaged. Doctors were able to share the images with their colleagues at Oxford University Hospitals for expert advice using the mobile app. Margaret was then was quickly diagnosed with a stroke and transferred to John Radcliffe Hospital for a thrombectomy.

The rapid diagnosis, transfer and treatment of Margaret which was aided by the AI-powered software, has allowed Margaret to return home after a few days in hospital and recover from this serious illness.

Nina Roberts, Stroke Advance Nurse Practitioner at Milton Keynes University Hospital Trust, said:

“The Brainomix software is a fantastic tool to help us in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient suffering from a stroke. Every minute counts when it comes to treating a stroke. The AI software helps us speed up the treatment of a patient by being able to view CT scans on a smartphone and get expert advice quickly from other stroke specialists.”


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