Are your Wearables Worthy?

The promise of wearables has always been clear. It’s time to deliver on that promise.

Covid-19 and the imminent rise of 5G networks are an accelerant, deepening our commitment to ensure that we use more devices and track better digital endpoints.

But in our collective rush to run trials virtually, are we creating more problems than we’re solving? As we pivot to digital, are we confident that new devices provide sufficient quality and accuracy? Do we know exactly what’s required to validate a wearable solution?

This free webinar provides essential guidelines to ensure that even as we move quickly, we start with the end in mind and take a comprehensive approach to managing complexity. We will discuss key differences between standard COA validation and sensor validation, and why it’s so important to appreciate the nuances of verification, analytical validation and clinical validation of a wearable measure.

We will also see why we need to get these fundamentals right before deploying AI and ML, and best practice implementation that will maximize the value of your data in the long term.

Leading speakers include Abhi Verma, VP, Lead, Applied Technology Innovation, Novartis; Ariel Dowling, Director, Digital Strategy, Takeda; Kate Lyden, Lead Scientist, Vivosense and Jeremy Wyatt, CEO, ActiGraph.

Learn more about the latest in wearable validation by signing-up to this webinar on Tuesday 23rd June HERE:

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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals

Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals