Ascenti launches revolutionary exercise and rehabilitation app PhysioNow

  • Thousands of NHS and private patients set to benefit from round the clock guidance that will change the way musculoskeletal injury is treated nationwide.
  • Currently 16.9% of the population in England, across all ages, have back pain; with 60-80% of adults likely to experience back pain in their lifetime (Credit: Public Health England).
  • PhysioNow app will help improve short- and long-term outcomes for patients with musculoskeletal injuries and reduce the number of physiotherapy sessions required to rehabilitate patients.

Leading independent physiotherapy provider Ascenti launched PhysioNow, a new market leading exercise and rehabilitation app which will revolutionise how musculoskeletal injury is treated, by providing patients with physiotherapy services at the touch of a button.

PhysioNow supports users throughout their journey to recovery by providing 24/7 access to expert advice through digital triage, virtual consultations and tailored exercise programmes from approved Ascenti clinicians. Users will be able to book appointments directly through the app and they will be able carry out exercises in the comfort of their own home, with access to guided videos that can be downloaded and viewed at any time.

The app will benefit patients by allowing them to track their own progress and compliance with their rehabilitation programme, improve their knowledge and empowerment through education and self-management advice, and increase their confidence knowing they are following the correct exercise prescription.

PhysioNow is fully integrated with Ascenti’s bespoke patient workflow system. This means that Physiotherapists can prescribe video exercises, track patient progress and adjust according to real time patient feedback all within the same system that supports them in all other aspects of their daily role (from writing treatment notes to accessing clinical dairies). For patients this means a digitally enhanced and seamless journey, whether their treatment is face-to-face or virtual. This is not just an app, but a fully integrated digital care solution.

Currently a third of all musculoskeletal referrals Ascenti receive come from patients suffering with back pain.  This is backed up by research from the Public Health England (2018) Musculoskeletal Condition Profile database, which has also shown that Musculoskeletal conditions account for 30% of GP consultations in England, with 17% of these reporting a long-term musculoskeletal problem.

PhysioNow will enable enhanced clinical outcomes and more cost effective care, including for common conditions such as back pain.  A beta test version of the app launched earlier this year and has already been used by 1,400 patients, with 93% of users endorsing the app and saying that they would recommend it to friends and family.

The PhysioNow app is available to all Ascenti patients and will be accessible as soon as they book their first physio appointment. The app will be available to download from the App Store for Apple iOS users and the Play Store for android devices.

Ascenti is the leading provider of physiotherapy and associated services in the UK and is a trusted partner to more than 20 NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and 400 private businesses across the UK.

With extensive national coverage, Ascenti has over 300 highly trained clinicians delivering upwards of 52,000 treatment sessions every month.

Stephanie Dobrikova, CEO at Ascenti, commented: “The launch of PhysioNow makes Ascenti the market leader when it comes to the provision of digitally-enabled physiotherapy and musculoskeletal (MSK) services.

“In today’s healthcare industry we are seeing more and more technological advances that are transforming patient care – improving the experience of clinicians and service users alike.

“Our Digital Health Strategy has placed us at the forefront of these advancements and our mission is to keep bringing the very best digitally enabled services to our patients and partners.”





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