Benefits of VoIP for micro-businesses and the self-employed

Businesses have been told the benefits of making the upgrade to VoIP cloud telephone systems, else risk falling behind ahead of the Big Switch in just two years time.

Cloud technology experts at TelephoneSystems.Cloud have named the six benefits of introducing VoIP into micro-businesses and for those who are self-employed.

The experts are also warning owners that they are risking losing effective business operations if they fail to make the upgrade from legacy phone lines before the Big Switch in 2025.

The switch off will see all copper phone systems turned off for good – therefore any businesses who haven’t made the switch to VoIP telephone systems will no longer be able to make phone calls or use any of the services which rely on the analogue set up.

Micro-SMEs and self-employed Brits must make the switch to the modern phone lines, else risk significantly falling behind their competitors, losing customers and clients, and even becoming unable to operate their business altogether.

Juliet Moran, founder of TelephoneSystems.Cloud said that with telephone and broadband systems being such an integral part of UK business operations, owners shouldn’t delay in making the upgrade.

She said: “VoIP telephone systems have a variety of benefits to help small businesses, and Brits shouldn’t be scared to make the switch from their older analogue systems. In fact, it’s integral they do so, else run the risk of having to cease all operations from falling behind after the Big Switch in just two years time.

“Cloud based systems allow those who are self-employed or who run micro-businesses to make international calls for significantly cheaper costs than a landline phone would charge, something that is integral to many businesses operating abroad and talking to clients overseas.

“VoIP telephone systems are also easy to set up without any expensive fees, and allow business owners to scale up their phone technology quickly when the time comes.

“Cloud based phones give an extra added sense of professionalism for small SMEs and self-employed people, with just one business contact number and the ability to deal with messages efficiently.

“Running a small business often means crossing the lines between work and your personal life – and VoIP systems make life a lot easier by allowing users to have the flexibility to take calls wherever they are.”

Here are the six benefits of VoIP for micro-businesses and the self-employed;

  1. International calls

VoIP systems operate via the internet, so international calls are drastically cheaper compared to using a legacy phone line. Traditional landlines will cost users a lot of extra money to make a call overseas, whereas using a line which connects through the internet is significantly more cost friendly.

  1. Work from wherever

Being self-employed and running a small business often means you have to work at different times throughout the day, as your demands mean it’s hard to concentrate working hours solely to a typical 9-5, as well as when travelling to meetings and appointments. VoIP phone systems give small business owners the flexibility to pick up calls from wherever they are, rather than being tied to a landline phone at a desk.

  1. No tie to lengthy contracts

Running a small business comes with the risk of losing a company almost as quickly as it was started. The last thing micro-SME owners and self-employed people want is to be stuck in a lengthy phone contract. Many VoIP contracts give users the option to cancel their system at any time, or at least offer a significantly shorter contract, giving business owners the security of not being tied down to a phone system that they may not need one day. 

  1. Easy to set up yourself

Cloud technology means users do not need to pay for expensive set up fees when they first get started. Many VoIP companies will offer business owners free set up help after purchasing their package. There isn’t a lot of prep-work involved in getting the system up and running, allowing users to get started straight away and not waste any time.

  1. Scale up quickly

Although when first starting with a VoIP system, micro-business owners and those who are self-employed may not need all of the features – but small companies and start-ups can grow quickly, and it’s important that the technology can scale up too. VoIP systems are very easy to scale up and introduce components for more employees, such as ring groups.

  1. Adds professionalism

Rather than handling all business calls on a personal mobile phone, introducing a phone system adds a stronger sense of professionalism. There is the ability to add a strong voicemail and give clients consistency with just one business contact number. VoIP allows small business owners to deal with messages more efficiently and professionally.


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