Care workforce management company celebrates 20th anniversary with launch of ECM white paper

A leading workforce management technology company has launched an Electronic Care Monitoring (ECM) white paper as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations.

With decades of experience of ECM, the white paper published by CM (previously CM2000), pulls together expertise and lessons learnt from 20 years of monitoring the nation’s homecare.

With the social care industry at a tipping point, technology is providing the ability to gather intelligence, support the achievement of outcomes and ensure the right care is delivered at the right time.

Launched in 1999, CM (part of HAS Technology Group) created the electronic homecare monitoring market at a time when manually processing timesheets was the norm and transparency of care delivery was non-existent.

CM started as a simple visit time recording solution which has safeguarded two million service users over the last 20 years. It now supports over 100 local authorities and 3,000 care provider branches with mix-n-match integrated care monitoring, scheduling, and financial management solutions.

Mark Kennion, CM director, commented: “CM has come a long way since its inception, and the launch of our white paper reinforces our 20 years of expertise in the social care sector. As well as placing a spotlight on the changing adult social care market, the paper focusses on the role of electronic monitoring today, the power of data and top tips for ECM success.

“Our technology has already proven to enable capacity, reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. This has to be about improving the quality of care people receive and the social care industry need to treat digital projects as long-term business change projects.”

CMs vision is to help improve the efficiency and quality of home care delivery with the belief that care should be good quality with services that are transparent. Whether care is funded by an individual or the state, CM believes that you should only pay for what is actually delivered and this needs to work in tandem with a fair price for care.

Featured in the white paper and speaking 18 months after implementing CM’s technology across 20 providers, Pembrokeshire County Council added: “The results to date demonstrate that moving to electronic monitoring was a positive investment and absolutely the right thing to do.

“We now have greater visibility of services to vulnerable people and we’re already generating savings and efficiencies.”

HAS Technology Group offers a variety of services, including CM, PAMMS and ARMED, which provide holistic prevention, commissioning and a delivery package of solutions. The group is leading the way with an innovative approach to social care technology solutions to ensure ongoing improvements in delivery and quality of care.


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