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CHEC opens new Northampton eyecare treatment centre

CHEC, one of the largest providers of community-based ophthalmology services in the UK, has announced the launch of a new treatment centre offering eyecare services in Northampton.

CHEC’s latest clinic is conveniently located in the centre of Northampton in Sol Central, and will provide the NHS with increased capacity to help tackle the backlog of some half a million ophthalmology-related treatments, such as cataracts. The launch of CHEC’s services in Northampton will offer a much-needed option for patients in need of treatment in the region.

CHEC’s new treatment centre in Northampton will play an important role in clearing regional eyecare backlogs in the East Midlands, which has been one of the hardest hit areas, seeing a 39% drop in elective admissions throughout the pandemic. CHEC’s expanding network of clinics is also playing an increasingly vital role in reducing the burden on the NHS and allowing patients to receive treatment as early and efficiently as possible.

Like CHEC’s other centres, the Northampton centre offers CHEC’s free Home to Hospital transport service, which offers patients transport to and from appointments and surgery, helping patients reach their appointments efficiently and without stress. The opening of the Northampton centre also follows the release of CHEC’s booking app, which can determine the urgency of an appointment and allow patients to book the most convenient time for themselves, speeding up the booking process and minimising cancellations and missed appointments.

The Northampton centre follows recent site openings across the Midlands, including in Leicester, Nottingham and Coventry, as part of CHEC’s continued roll out of new centres to help the NHS and provide high-quality, efficient eyecare. Throughout the pandemic, CHEC has provided much needed support to the NHS as a trusted partner and has received positive feedback with 99% of patients happy to recommend CHEC to friends and family.

Jon Dore, Chief Operating Officer at CHEC, said: “The launch of our new treatment centre in Northampton is a welcome addition to our recent site openings. We believe it is essential to expand our services in regions where the NHS faces crippling backlogs and pressures, and the opening of the centre illustrates our priority – supporting the NHS and of course, local patients who are in urgent need of our services. At CHEC, high-quality, responsive care always comes first, and this site will play a role in building a strong partnership with the local community for many years to come.”



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