CHEC steps-up education commitment with independent prescribing course clinical placement launch

CHEC, one of the largest community-based providers of NHS ophthalmology services in the UK, has stepped up its commitment to upskilling the industry, with the launch of a dedicated independent prescribing course clinical placement.

Optometrists who have been qualified for more than two years and opt to undertake an independent prescribing course can now utilise CHEC’s national footprint of hospitals and clinics to complete the compulsory placement required to gain their qualification.

During the on-site placement with CHEC, trainees will develop their diagnostic skills and understanding of the links between the theory and practice of prescribing, ensuring they can manage patients therapeutically and issue necessary prescriptions.

They’ll achieve this by observing clinical interactions between patients and prescribing ophthalmologists, taking part in the examination and assessment of patients with a variety of conditions, and by liaising with prescribing ophthalmologists on patients’ clinical cases.

CHEC’s Education Strategy, centres on establishing and maintaining relationships with external stakeholders and education establishments, to deliver upskilling opportunities for healthcare professionals within the communities it serves. In the last 18 months, CHEC has delivered 40 CPD events to optometry professionals, and is in the process of developing the CHEC Academy, to upskill new entrants to the field, optimise clinical skill sets, and ensure the industry as a whole never suffers a skills shortage.

Imran Rahman, CEO and founder of CHEC, said: “This feels like a really important moment for CHEC. To be stepping up our provision of skill-building opportunities with the launch of our independent prescribing course placement, demonstrates our commitment to ensuring optometrists across the country have access to the key skills and experiences they need to develop in their profession, and we’re pleased to be playing such a key role in that.

“As a modern healthcare provider, we have a duty to develop and offer new skills to our valued optometric partners.. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to ensure we’re at the centre of developing optometry talent across the industry and across the UK, and this significant milestone feels like just the beginning of what’s to come.”

Those interested in conducting a placement with CHEC can register for more information here.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals