Demystifying mobile signal boosters: FREE Webinar 15 Sept @ 10H30

In-building mobile coverage is becoming increasingly essential, and providing it is not as complex as you might think.

Reliable mobile coverage is increasingly regarded as an essential commodity, however, dropped calls and low data caused by weak mobile signal continue to beleaguer many mobile customers. It is not uncommon for mobile phone users to have to step outside to make and receive phone calls.

Whilst the government has pledged to improve mobile signal coverage geographically across the UK by 2026, this will only extend to outside mobile coverage and only for 60% of indoor coverage of those premises that are unserved by any mobile operator.

This means that if your building is located far from the network tower, facing the wrong way, is made from impenetrable materials or have obstructions between your building and the tower, you are likely to be stuck with indoor mobile signal frustrations for the foreseeable future.

Mobile signal boosters have been presented as a solution to solve the universal problem of mobile signal coverage for years, but many customers are disillusioned by the legality, cost and deployment of these.

In this FREE webinar, Gareth Limpenny (CEO and Founder – Frequency Telecom) and Colin Abrey (VP, EMEA region – Nextivity) will address the common misconceptions about mobile signal boosters and explain how mobile signal boosters can improve coverage in any indoor space.

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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals