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Difrent and Visionable announce partnership to empower healthcare transformation through video collaboration

Difrent, an award-winning professional services company, announced a partnership with Visionable, the world’s leading healthcare video collaboration platform. This strategic alliance will support clinical teams across all healthcare settings to adopt digital solutions that facilitate virtual clinician-to-patient consultation, shared clinical decision making, and access to specialist resources, improving health outcomes and saving costs.

Launching in January 2020, Visionable and Difrent will work closely together with commissioners, clinicians and patients, to help them design new ways of working to address the cost and resource challenges the NHS faces. The service will combine Visionable’s patented, clinical-grade, video collaboration platform with Difrent’s award-winning service design and business change services expertise to maximise adoption and uptake.

“I set up Difrent because I couldn’t find a professional services company who could deliver my needs when I was responsible for patient-facing transformation across the NHS,” said Difrent CEO, Rachel Murphy. “I’m very proud to say our clients include Public Health England, The World Health Organisation, NHS Business Services Authority and The Department of Health and Social Care.”

“There is a clear case for the adoption of digital solutions to drive efficiencies and support clinical decision making in an NHS under ever increasing pressure,”, Rachel added. “Visionable’s platform addresses these exact challenges and offers a means of making healthcare equitable for all.”

“At Visionable we know that there is nothing more important than delivering the best possible care to patients when and where it is needed”, said CEO Alan Lowe. “We’re very pleased to be partnering with Difrent, to give healthcare teams the technology and resources to help them redesign the ways they work to enable patients to have much better experiences and get better outcomes,” he added.

“In a nutshell, our mission is to create innovative and effective connected health by removing the barriers that have made healthcare delivery challenging across the world.”

With the UK government enshrining in law on 19th December 2019, an extra £33.9bn per year by 2023/24 to futureproof the NHS, to make sure that it continues to be the best public health system in the world, Visionable and Difrent are pleased to announce a joint venture that will support employees in the fifth biggest workforce in the world alongside their patients

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