Doctor Care Anywhere and AXA PPP Healthcare launch joint venture to transform patient care

PATIENT CARE Doctor Care Anywhere (DCA) announced a Joint Venture (‘JV’) agreement with AXA PPP Healthcare that will transform the way up to a million patients receive care in the UK. The agreement means patients will be given complete ownership of and access to their private medical records through a single and secure cloud-based record, bringing GP expertise and patient understanding closer together.

The initiative will, for the first time, integrate primary care, diagnostics and secondary care to improve the patient experience of AXA PPP Healthcare’s extensive health insurance customer base. Patients and their DCA GPs will be able to access their data whenever they need, enabling them to see what healthcare professionals are basing their recommendations on, and helping them to decide whether proposed treatment is appropriate and proportionate. This important new approach will improve clinical transparency and accountability, and actively drive appropriate interventions, as a result.

Dr Bayju Thakar, Founder of Doctor Care Anywhere, said: “All of us aspire to see healthcare that’s accessible, simple to understand, and easy to use. By joining up the patient journey and simplifying it, we are making the healthcare market truly responsive to the needs of patients in the twenty-first century. Our partnership with AXA PPP Healthcare promises a new way of delivering healthcare that places patients at the centre of their own care pathways, enabling them to get the care they need, when they need it, with the right clinical support and interventions. This is a game changer that means Britain now leads the world in the digital health market”.

DCA’s technology will encourage and support better, more effective collaboration between healthcare professionals. The result will be an even greater emphasis on clinical excellence and outcomes, and costs within the healthcare supply chain are expected to be reduced due to fewer unnecessary referrals, repeated tests and interventions.

Joanna Hall, Marketing & Innovation Director for AXA PPP Healthcare, welcomed the agreement: “Our ambition is to build on our organisations’ complementary strengths to secure better integrated primary and secondary healthcare services for members of our health insurance plans – for more effective, smoother and speedier patient journeys.”


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals