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Flu vaccination details shared via clinical systems for the first time in Leeds

A pilot scheme run by the NHS has seen information about flu vaccinations sent from pharmacies to GP practices.

The pilot is taking place in Leeds where electronic notifications are being sent safely via clinical systems of patients who have had their flu vaccination in a pharmacy. The information is sent to their GP so that they have the information on hand. This technology and system will save time for both pharmacies and GP practices and help improve quality and reduce errors.

A patient’s information will be more up to date because vaccination details can be uploaded onto their medical record as soon as the notification is received from the pharmacy. Unnecessary vaccination appointment invitations will be avoided as patients who have already had a flu vaccine’s details will already be updated on their records.

The electronic notifications will only be able to be used by GP practices using SystmOne, and only pharmacies using PharmOutcomes in the initial phase of the pilot. Leeds’s GP practices and Community pharmacies are the first in the country to send and receive electronic notifications using this system.

The NHS will work towards implementing the service nationally later this year. The service will initially only for SystmOne and PharmOutcomes users, but then for other suppliers as well after pilot schemes have been implemented.

The Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) was used to determine the content of the flu vaccination electronic notifications. The standard was endorsed after the PRSB worked with the clinicians from across primary care.

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