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Government Issues Advice For Travellers To The UK and EU In Case Of No-Deal Brexit

Department of Health and Social Care Offer No-Deal Advice From Travellers In The EU and UK

As it stands, the UK will be leaving the European Union on the 29th March. Currently, there is no deal in place which means that the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) card will not be valid for UK citizens travelling to the European Union and the European Economic Area. Similarly, those from the EU and EEA will not be able to use EHIC in the UK. Instead, the government is advising travellers to check the arrangements in the specific country they are travelling to.

Travel insurance recommended

As well as checking for the individual arrangements in specific countries, the government suggests that UK nationals should take out separate travel insurance that will cover any healthcare requirements while travelling in the EU and EEA. The recommendations from the government cover not only travellers but also students who are studying in the EU.

This advice is especially focused on people who have pre-existing and long-term health conditions.

S1 certificate caution

As well as no-deal Brexit being the potential end for the EHIC for UK citizens, it may also compromise the use of S1 certificates. S1 certificates allow retirees in the EU to access healthcare in Europe. UK retirees who live abroad are advised to check the current arrangements in place in the country where they reside.

UK citizens residing in the EU

For UK citizens living in the EU, the government urges these individuals to register for healthcare in the country they live in. However, in some countries, there may be specific requirements to access healthcare such as providing social security contributions and being a long-term resident.

Again, for those unable to meet these requirements and for those applying for residency, the government urges individuals to take out health insurance to ensure they have appropriate cover.

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