Hands-on medical experience for local students

Students from schools across north Cumbria have had exclusive access to a range of medical experts from the NHS to help them consider a career in medicine.

The two-day event, hosted by North Cumbria Integrated Care Foundation Trust, gave young people interested in a medical career, hands on experience with a range of simulated medical scenarios. They also got the chance to hear from doctors, consultants and registrars from a range of specialities about their carer and ask them questions.

Mary Richardson is now a 3rd year medical student on placement at the Trust – she came to the event when she as at school and it inspired her to follow a medical career. She said:

“I came to the event in year 12 which is five years ago now. I really enjoyed the careers in medicine event it was interesting to hear from a range of different specialities about what their careers had looked like so far. The practical sessions we did in the day were fun and got lots of people talking about specialities that they had perhaps not thought about before.

“I plan to return to Cumbria for my foundation training and hopefully stay in the region after that. I am currently on a placement in obstetrics and gynaecology and it’s definitely something I could see myself doing in the future but there are a few other specialities I am interested in so I haven’t set my mind firmly on one just yet!

“I think it’s really important to encourage people to pursue careers in medicine especially those of us who grew up in rural areas and will potentially return to the area after graduation. I am the first in my family to go into healthcare or medicine so it gave me insights into a career that I wouldn’t otherwise have had.”

After hearing a range of speakers from different professions, the students tried their hands at different activities, such as delivering babies, suturing (stitching), Laparoscopy (surgery), and more.

There were aspiring radiologists, pharmacists and cardiologists in the group, with others using the event to steer their decision.

We spoke to some of the school students on the day.

Blythe Kelly said: “I first wanted to be a midwife, but now I want to work in pharmaceuticals. I think it’s amazing, that medication or a course of drugs can heal or make you better.”

Anita Margaret Lytollis said: “I wanted to go into cancer care due to personal reasons but after sessions today, I am also now really interested in cardiology. It’s incredible what they can do. We used to have doctors coming into the house and they are just the nicest people.”

We hope to see the students in 5 years’ time beginning their career in health and medicine.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals