Health Tech Digital Awards 2021

Our awards for 2021 are now open!

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  • Best COVID-19 Solution for Mental Health
  • Best COVID-19 Telecommunications Solution
  • Best COVID-19 Software Solution
  • Best COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Solution
  • Best COVID-19 Training Solution
  • Best COVID-19 Software Solution to Support Virtual Clinics
  • Best Virtual Meeting Software Solution for COVID-19
  • Most Innovative Solution for COVID-19
  • Best COVID-19 Solution for Community Care 
  • Best Healthcare Technology Solution of the Year
  • New Health Tech Innovation of the Year
  • Best mHealth Application
  • Best Wearable Technology Solution
  • Best use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Best Healthcare Information System
  • Best use of Virtual Reality
  • Best Use of Technology (Acute Care)
  • Best Communication Solution
  • Digital Transformation Project of the Year
  • Best Woman’s Health Technology Solution
  • Best Mental Health Technology Solution
  • Best Elderly Care Technology Solution
  • Best Solution to manage Chronic Disease
  • Best Healthcare Management Solution
  • Best Innovation project of the year

Our Health Tech Advisory Board judges: 

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