Holland & Barrett launches blood test kit service with doctor-reviewed results in 48 hours

Holland & Barrett are encouraging customers to get proactive about their health and optimise their wellbeing with the launch of Ivie – an innovative new service combining finger-prick blood tests with tailored support and expert advice.

The UK’s leading health and wellness retailer has combined its 150 years of wellness expertise with state-of-the-art lab science, enabling customers to take control of their health and wellness journey.

Partnering with London Medical Laboratory, Ivie gives customers results alongside a doctor- reviewed breakdown in just 48 hours via the Ivie Wellness app. Customers can then book a free 15-minute video or in-store appointment with a trained H&B advisor to get lifestyle, supplement and product advice.

The straightforward tests help customers unlock vital information about their wellbeing – all available through the Ivie Wellness app – which allows them to monitor and manage existing conditions, discover underlying issues, and access the information needed to start a conversation with their doctor, along with tools to boost their wellbeing and help them stay well.

Customers can choose a comprehensive health check by opting for The General Health Blood Test, which measures their liver and kidney function, iron levels, diabetes risk (HbA1c) and cholesterol levels for £79. There are a further 10 targeted blood tests focusing on specific vitals, including iron levels, cholesterol and testosterone.

The testing process can be completed in just four simple steps. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register your test – download the free Ivie Wellness app to register your test kit
  2. Take your sample – collect your sample with a simple finger-prick test – no preparation require
  3. Send it back – pop the test in your nearest priority post box using a pre-paid envelope
  4. Get the results – see your doctor-reviewed results in the app, 24 hours within receipt into the lab

Dr Tarlochan Toor, Director of Wellness Innovation, H&B says: ‘Our mission is to make wellness a way of life for everyone, and with Ivie we are making it even easier for our customers to get the facts they need to boost their wellbeing and help prevent disease. By giving them reliable data at their fingertips, we are helping them to take charge of their wellness and with confidence. One of the main differences with Ivie is that results are just the start, it will also help people track their health over time, alongside support and advice either in-store or online.’

With our partners, London Medical Laboratory, we have developed a highly accurate range of tests our customers can trust. We have taken steps to create a range that only includes tests for conditions that can accurately be reported on. For example, we decided not to include a test for menopause as we know there is no single blood test that reliably predicts this. Our customers can also be reassured that they have access to the right expertise once they have their test results, to support them on their wellness journey.’

Dr Seth Rankin Co-founder of London Medical Laboratory added “LML are delighted to be partnering with Holland and Barrett in the launch of their Ivie range of health check blood tests. We have been developing our vision of easy, direct access to the vital, sometimes life- saving, health information that blood tests can provide, for a number of years, and London Medical Laboratory are excited to be partnering with Holland and Barrett to make it a reality with Ivie.”


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals