How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionise Healthcare (Infographic)

Artificial intelligence is developing at a fast pace. Numerous industries are bound to be transformed and improved by it in the years to come. We can already see examples in almost every industry out there, where AI has changed things from the ground up.

Namely, one of the industries that will be impacted the most is healthcare. Healthcare is becoming better and more accessible to everyone in the world, but it could do with some help from the side. Have you ever wondered what the medical field would look like in the future? Let’s have a look.

Autonomous Surgical Robots

With the help of AI, simple surgeries in the future will no longer be done by humans. Instead, they will be performed by autonomous surgical robots. They will do this job much faster than humans and with more precision. Thanks to AI, human surgeons will have time and more energy to focus on more demanding surgical procedures and save even more lives.

Autonomous Disease Identification and Diagnosis

Did you know that we already have an AI that can diagnose certain diseases much better than humans? Very soon, you will be able to type your symptoms in a computer program and get diagnosed within seconds. This way, the cases of false diagnoses will be brought to a minimum, and more people will gain access to proper medication.

Personalised Treatment

AI will allow us to provide every person on Earth with a personal AI doctor. This AI will know everything about you, your health, your health records, history of diseases, and so on. It will be able to give you suggestions when to get checked, what to expect in the future, and diagnose health problems much more efficiently than your human doctor can today.

Drug Discovery

Discovering new drugs and cures is an arduous and time-consuming job at the moment. In most cases, it takes around 10 years between the time a drug is created and the time it reaches pharmacies. AI can make this process efficient and less expensive. Hopefully, it will find cures for diseases that are still considered incurable right now.

Epidemic Outbreak Prediction

Sadly, epidemic outbreaks are still fairly common everywhere around the world. Depending on where you live on the planet, you might be in danger of getting caught amidst a flu epidemic, cholera, Ebola, Zika virus, and so on. At the moment, it is challenging to predict when and where these outbreaks will happen, which makes it even harder for health experts to control them.

Wearable Health Trackers

Wearable health trackers are a piece of technology that will mean a lot for the average person in the future. Powered by AI, wearable trackers will be able to show your health parameters in real time and alert you whenever anything seems out of order. Therefore, you will be able to act quickly and prevent major health complications.



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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals