Indian healthtech start-ups invited to TeXchange 2020

An International Tech Hub Network is being built by the UK government in order to support entrepreneurs around the world, facilitate innovation partnerships and stimulate local digital economies.

TeXchange has been a flagship programme of the UK-Israel Tech Hub since 2013, and this has given British businesses opportunities to work with the world’s best innovators. It has opened up the UK Market for innovative start-ups and in the previous TeXchange events, over 70 Israeli start-ups and hundreds of UK companies participated and resulted in more than 20 signed UK-Israel business partnerships.

India has a booming digital sector worth an estimated $200 billion and is a growing platform for technologies like cyber security, artificial intelligence and data analytics and is at the forefront of internet-connected services and devices technology. There are various initiatives that India and the UK are working on together which will help expand skilled talent and promote investment and trade between the two countries.

The UK government is inviting healthtech start-ups from Kenya, India, South Africa and Nigeria to apply to participate in TeXchange 2020: Healthcare Innovation. The invites are being sent through the International Tech Hub Network, and the best applicants will be selected to come to the UK and take part in the TeXchange in February 2020.

The UK-India Tech Hub is an early initiative to collaborate and develop UK-India Tech. Last year as part of the wider UK-India Tech Partnership, the Hub was introduced and the aim was, and still is, to create skilled tech jobs and boost the digital economy of both India and the UK.

TeXchange 2020: Healthcare Innovation is a three day programme and allows participants to access the UK’s government and corporate agencies through meet-ups, public events and presentations. TeXchange 2020 will focus on early detection of diseases, AI and big data in healthcare, telemedicine, population health and diagnostics.

Healthcare start-ups, leading UK service providers, British healthcare companies and intermediaries will be some of the key stakeholders involved in TeXchange.

Digital Minister Matt Warman said:

“We are giving the brightest global entrepreneurs focused on the development of innovative healthtech solutions the unique opportunity to come to the UK and showcase their solutions to the UK’s healthcare sector. TeXchange will help to build connections for global innovative startups and demonstrate that the UK is the place to grow and scale your tech business.

“As part of the UK-India Tech Partnership, the UK government has delivered a number of initiatives over the last few years to support the buoyant Indian tech sector including the FinTech Rocketship Awards where FinTech entrepreneurs from UK and India were given an opportunity to experience their respective tech ecosystems and pitch for investments to grow their new businesses in this first-of-its-kind mentoring programme”.

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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals