Jo Cox Foundation Supports Anti-Loneliness Campaign

Sister of MP Jo Cox backs schemes to end loneliness.

The Jo Cox Foundation set up after the murder of MP Jo Cox, has announced that is supporting a campaign which aims to help over 30,000 people who feel and live alone. The scheme is one of many that is part of the NHS Long Term Plan which hopes to provide personalised care to those in the community who need it. The scheme asks people to look after those at risk of loneliness such as those who are newly bereaved that may trigger health problems.

The scheme which will operate in West Yorkshire and Harrogate is called ‘Looking out for our Neighbours’. The campaign will equip 300 groups to distribute 30,000 packs in a bid to tackle loneliness. The packs include a range of acts of kindness such as interacting with lonely neighbours.

The scheme comes after a report which showed that older people who live alone are 50% more likely to find themselves in A&E compared to those living with someone. Furthermore, pensioners are 25% more likely to develop a mental health condition if they live alone.

Jo Cox’s sister is the ambassador for the Jo Cox Foundation. She showed the foundation’s support for the campaign; “I believe if we all work together to prevent loneliness and its associated health risks, we can reduce the demand on health and care services and have a positive impact on the wellbeing of everyone, which is why I am delighted to support this campaign.”

Dr Hilda Hayo is the Chief Admiral Nurse at Dementia UK supported the announcement by saying; “We are supporting this campaign because it is so important to look out for each other, to offer a helping hand, especially to the most vulnerable people in our communities.”

West Yorkshire and Harrogate is considered one of the most advanced areas for integrated care systems whereby the NHS, councils and volunteers all come together to tackle local health issues. This campaign was created by 100 local residents in the area and will target those aged 50-65 as well as families with children and the 113,000 NHS staff in the area.

You can download the scheme’s resource pack here.


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