King Edward VII’s trauma service brings ‘orthoplastic’ expertise to complex cases

The trauma service at Independent charitable hospital King Edward VII’s is designed to offer tailored treatment options to patients with the most complex and challenging needs.

The service provided by the London Limb Reconstruction team brings a unique combination of “orthoplastic” expertise, meaning that orthopaedic and plastic surgeons work collaboratively to secure the best possible outcomes for the patient.

This specialist team is supported by physiotherapists, occupational therapists and nursing staff, along with microbiologists, mental health professionals, dieticians and pain management services. The holistic approach focuses on all aspects of the patient’s recovery, as well as utilising the most up to date equipment and technology available at the hospital.

The team is experienced in managing open fractures of the lower and upper limbs, nerve and tendon damage, limb length adjustment, amputations and skin grafting, and recently treated professional racing driver Juan Manuel Correa after a serious crash left him with serious leg injuries and at risk of amputation.

Attempting to restore Juan Manuel’s dreams of driving again, consultant plastic surgeon Mr Jon Simmons and consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Ian Sinha led a complex 17 hour procedure to reconstruct the leg – the first of eight operations during his six week stay – which was ultimately successful.

Following extensive rehab and several other procedures, Juan Manuel has recently returned to the Formula Three track for the 2021 season.

Juan Manuel Correa comments about his time at the hospital; “I will be forever grateful to Jon, Ian and the team at King Edward VII’s Hospital. They supported me through some of the darkest times of my life and their expertise means that I have exceeded my expectations for my recovery, to a point where I am now able to resume doing what I love.“

Consultant plastic surgeon Jon Simmons says; “We deal with complex and challenging cases on a regular basis, although Juan’s was one of the most intricate cases I have seen and required the full expertise of the wider team both in the operating theatre and throughout his long term recovery.”

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Ian Sinha adds; “Serious limb injuries are life changing – impacting both the physical and mental health of our patients. By providing this service at King Edward VII’s Hospital we are ensuring that patients can access the very best in specialist expertise, top of the range technology and a multidisciplinary approach in getting them back to their best.”


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