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Launch Of The NHS App In England

After three months of testing from over 3,000 patients from 30 GP practices, NHS England has announced that they are now ready to roll the NHS app out across England. Feedback from both patients and staff during the private testing that was completed in December led to some changes and improvements to the app. However, now the NHS believes the app is ready for the public.

What can the NHS app do?

Once individual GP practices ensure their system settings are ready, the app will enable people to check their symptoms, book and manage their GP appointments. The app will also allow people to register as organ donors and order repeat prescriptions too.

While these are just some of the benefits, the NHS Digital Executive Director of Product Development, Wendy Clarke claims that there is enormous potential for the app. NHS Digital will be welcoming feedback for the app to see what additional tools, resources and services that the app can offer.

It is hoped that with the success and capability of the app, then it will attract more GPs to come on board and more innovations to be made.

The app is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms, and later this year a browser version will be launched too. However, app users will not have full functionality of their app unless their GP practice goes live with the app. NHS England believes most GP practices will go live with the app between April and June this year.

Improving NHS Digital Services

The launch of the app comes with the announcement for the NHS ten-year-plan which has a primary focus on digital services. For the sustainability of the NHS, digital services can empower patients and individuals to have greater control over their own healthcare. With the app, people have access to trustworthy health information at the touch of a button allowing people to take control over their own symptoms and arrange a GP appointment if necessary.



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