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Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust works with Imosphere to standardise cancer patient data

Imosphere is delighted to be working with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) to standardise its cancer patient data to the Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership (OMOP) Common Data Model (CDM), as part of the EHDEN project (European Health Data & Evidence Network).

LTHT created its own Electronic Health Record (EHR) system in 2003 from a cancer information system. Since 2013, it’s been developed as a Trust-facing EHR, containing data on more than four million patients in total, which includes approximately 500,000 cancer patients.

The Trust has been approached to join national and international collaborations to understand clinical pathways and outcomes based on real-world data. As LTHT are building a next generation data platform to support both service and research needs, they need to make the depth and breadth of their data available to the wider research community, and utilising the OMOP CDM enables this.

LTHT approached Imosphere as an accredited EHDEN SME to create the new Data Transformation and Analytical Infrastructure for the project, under the EHDEN Harmonisation Fund.

Imosphere has commenced the mapping of LTHT’s source data into the OMOP CDM. It has decades of experience across the UK and the US in data transformation projects to create a scalable solution that clinical researchers can utilise from day one. The wide breadth of data has been prioritised based on real-world scenarios and plausible research hypotheses.

As part of the project, Imosphere will also provide knowledge transfer to LTHT, enabling the Trust to continue the transformation of their data to the OMOP CDM past the project period.

The project, funded by EHDEN, an IMI 2 consortium, will ultimately support LTHT to increase the impact of their clinical research on patient outcomes and well-being.

Geoff Hall, Chief Clinical Information Officer (Research and Innovation) at LTHT, commented, “It’s great to be working with Imosphere on such an important project. Making real-world data available at scale is fundamental to support research, the advancement of patient care and better outcomes. As a large Trust, we receive requests all the time to contribute to collaborative research studies, and often the route to harmonising views of data is complex and time consuming. The Common Data Model approach is going to open a very wide door to the research community, and we are delighted to contribute to it.”

Mark Rogers, Data Transformation Services Manager at Imosphere, commented, “We’re excited to be working with LTHT on this project. The team at Leeds have been great to work with, and the benefits of harnessing the OMOP CDM for collaborative research will be significantly beneficial to the research community, with the potential to improve outcomes for patients across Europe and beyond. It’s a comforting feeling to know that a researcher can utilise this high-quality data to support their work, alongside comparable sources from across the globe. We are already supporting other trusts and UK health organisations to map their data to the OMOP CDM and then add these hugely interesting and valuable datasets to the EHDEN catalogue.”


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