Let’s Get Better: New local NHS website provides mental health support for patients

A new NHS website for Humber and North Yorkshire will help people find the right support if they are struggling with mental health issues.

Let’s Get Better provides people with a range of resources that are relevant to where they live, and signposts to national organisations that can offer further advice and support.

According to MIND, approximately one in four people in England will experience a mental health problem each year. Additionally, one in six people report experiencing a common mental health problem, such as anxiety and depression, in any given week.

Denise Nightingale, Director of Nursing (CHC, Complex Care and Mental Health) at NHS Humber and North Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, said: “We understand that dealing with mental health issues can be overwhelming, so we want to make it easier for people to find the help they need.

“Let’s Get Better has been developed with the aim of providing individuals with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that allows them to access the resources and support they need.

“This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and it’s an important reminder of the need to prioritise mental health and wellbeing. We hope that our website will serve as a valuable tool for people and help them to take care of their mental health.”

As the website continues to grow, the mental health resources contained within it will be expanded to include more information to help individuals navigate their mental health journey. This will include articles and blogs about mental health and tips for self-care.

Across Humber and North Yorkshire, primary care teams provide dedicated mental health support in GP practices via Mental Health Practitioners.

These additional roles in primary care focus in on the mental health needs of patients and provide rapid assessment to those with either a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental health concern, offering 1:1 support and access to a range of local services.

Patients wanting to talk about their mental health can speak to a mental health practitioner without judgement and in confidence – without the need for an appointment with their GP first.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals