LloydsPharmacy expands digital healthcare offering with new VideoGP service

Accessing a GP appointment at a time that suits patients has become increasingly difficult. In 2019 it was reported that, on average, people were waiting over two weeks to see a GP at their local surgery. According to the latest GP Patient Survey, only 35% of patients who booked an appointment with their GP got one on the same day.

Now, with the launch of the new LloydsPharmacy VideoGP service, patients can access a GP appointment in as little as 30 minutes, seven days a week. The VideoGP service operates via an app from LloydsPharmacy, available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Dr Kieran Seyan, Chief Medical Officer at LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor, said:

“We know it’s not always easy to get an appointment with a doctor, and this can deter people from seeking the help they need. This is why we want to make talking to a GP as easy as possible. Over the past year, many more people have become accustomed to organising their healthcare needs in different ways, either through telephone calls and video consultations, or online via an app.

At LloydsPharmacy, we’ve been working hard to develop a platform that gives patients access to healthcare at their convenience. With Primary Care services under immense pressure right now due to the pandemic, we’re eager to help and support the NHS by providing online alternatives to attending a local GP practice or clinic. Our VideoGP app provides a digital solution that connects patients with healthcare professionals, whilst ensuring continuing safe, quality care for patients.”

GPs are available through the app from 8am to 8pm and payment options for the service are flexible, with patients able to pay for one-off appointments or through low-cost monthly and annual subscriptions. Prices include medication, next-day delivery, referral letters, and fit notes if required.

LloydsPharmacy is the only online video GP provider to include all prescription medications in the cost of the appointment or subscription (T&Cs apply). It also offers patients the benefit of being connected with other LloydsPharmacy services, providing support at every stage of their healthcare journey.

Kyle Rowe, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at McKesson UK, parent company to LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor, said:

“The pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the adoption of digital technology and empowered more people to look after their health online, and it’s because of this that we have significantly invested in bringing this proposition to market.

Our VideoGP service gives patients even more choice when it comes to accessing the care they need. By digitising parts of the patient pathway, we are helping to provide a seamless experience, as well as giving valuable time back to bricks and mortar General Practice. But as always, our expanding range of private digital healthcare services is integral to the work of our pharmacists in stores, who can dispense the medicines prescribed via our Online Doctor service as well as provide expert face-to-face healthcare advice.”

During the pandemic, LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor has also provided access to COVID-19 testing and expanded its existing sexual healthcare services and partnerships to help support patients with their sexual health and family planning needs.


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