LTM the innovative Medical Device Management Suite

Repado, a biomedical informatics company, introduces an innovative Platform that creates an Ecosystem that interconnects Medical Devices to Medical Professionals, Service organizations, Distributors and Device Manufacturers/ OEMs.

The LTM Platform is a Medical Device Management Suite that utilizes advanced IoT applications and M2M communication protocols to materialize the “Connected Hardware” concept; meaning that it is now possible to exploit information derived directly from the biomedical devices -previously unavailable-, and facilitate data sharing between different medical stakeholders.

LTM is a healthcare hub that interconnects people & devices.

Compliant to the highest CyberSecurity standards, LTM is a “plug ’n play” solution that allows device management in a worldwide scale and is ideal both for “web-connected” and “isolated” medical devices.

LTM enables you to:

  • Connect, Monitor & Manage multiple devices in the field
  • Create your own Network & be linked with your Customers & Suppliers
  • Provide & Receive Premium Support Services on device failure
  • Real-time access of device data such as: status, runtime info, protocols & reagents, logs, errors etc. according to the device type and the User Profile/ Access rights.



Use the LTM Dashboard to view all your customers’ instruments displayed in the global map. The ones in trouble have a red dot!

Avoid Confusing Service Calls & Resolve Issues Fast

When an “issue” occurs, your customer opens a support ticket directly from the medical device or the mobile phone. Automatically, issue-related data (log files, history etc.) are send to you dashboard. Resolve issues by accessing history records, log files, connected-cameras or perform a remote desktop session to the device in trouble. Resolve issues fast and reply directly to your customer.

Puzzled? Get 2nd level Support

If in need for 2nd level support or beyond, create a support ticket & communicate with your Manufacturer or parts-Provider in a private thread. Then communicate the solution to your customer.

Plan ahead you next Service Visit

Use the LTM Logbook to access past service activities and schedule your next Service visit in terms of spare parts, consumables and personnel.

Online Backup & Restore actions are also available.

Support “Offline” devices

Use LTM to circumvent “no-internet policy” labs & exchange data with the in-house technicians for resolving issues, performing updates etc.



Minimize Manufacturer-End User gap

With real feedback from the field, LTM minimizes Manufacturer – End User gap. Use LTM to identify pain-points/ advantages and improve your product design & performance. Create a customized version of LTM according to your brand or your customers’ identity.

Provide expert consultation

LTM enables your OEMs/ Distributors to request for 2nd or 3rd level expert consultation. The Platform allows direct access to the medical device for accurate problem definition & fast resolution, which boosts your service performance.

View your devices in the field

LTM provides an excellent “Post-market Field Surveillance” tool, which allows the manufacturer/ OEM to access data that show a “realistic” overview of his customer base & target market.



Provide “Solutions”, not just Products

Increase customer loyalty & interpret complaints, prioritize issues, manage your response times & propose solutions. Fill in the gap between business units (sales – service) and provide top customer experience.

Set up a successful next visit

Use LTM for: online presence metrics, reagent consumption, throughput, pain-points to understand customers’ needs & usage experience.

Use LTM as a Sales Forecast Tool

Re-Define Up & Cross-selling strategies & integrate LTM to your ERP/CRM as to create a combined system of data & reports. Use LTM insights on market trends to boost your product portfolio & market penetration, both regionally and globally.



Monitor device activity on your mobile

LTM allows you to be away from the lab during long processes while monitoring what happens to your experiment. Ideal also for “clean lab” environments, mltm provides Real-time monitoring of processes (substeps, notifications, errors and warnings), history data, push notifications and descriptive error reports that transform your daily routine.

No more confusing calls to ask for support

Send a support ticket directly from your phone to your provider’s dashboard, with a “push of a button”. Seamless communication with Support saves time, minimizes device downtime & relieves you from puzzling IT tasks. Follow up the issue progress in your private thread.

Optimize you Lab

LTM “Device Activity”, “Consumables” & “Reagent usage” reports enable lab planning, pre-order scheduling, planning of maintenance/ service visits & optimize Lab’s processes.



  • Reduction of field service visits costs by 30% (average field visit cost is USD 1,011.17 according to TSIA)
  • Excellent first-Time-To-Repair rates & Reduction of Mean-Time-To-Repair by 50%
  • Significant reduction in unscheduled downtime by 40% & enhanced lab productivity
  • Increased revenues by Service contract renewals
  • Preventive maintenance for optimal device performance
  • Access to Business Intelligence data


Meet LTM and learn how it can boost your Customer Support Services, decrease Support Expenses, redefine Up & Cross-selling Strategies and maximize Lab Performance.

As all Repado products, LTM is developed under our ISO 13485-certified quality management system and covers all MDR/ IVDR/ HIPAA & FDA regulations related to Usability engineering, CyberSecurity & Risk management.

For further info please contact:

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