MedAdvisor to launch in the UK with first pharmacy chain customer, the Day Lewis Pharmacy Group

MedAdvisor, Australia’s leading digital medication management company, is pleased to announce that it will launch in the UK market in early 2020, having secured its first UK pharmacy chain customer, the Day Lewis Pharmacy Group (‘Day Lewis’).

Day Lewis is one of the largest independent retail pharmacy chains in the UK. Day Lewis owns over 270 pharmacies, who service over 1 million customers.

Under the agreement, Day Lewis has agreed to promote and distribute a Day Lewis branded version of the next generation MedAdvisor consumer app to its valued customers for medication ordering and management. Following the rollout of MedAdvisor’s NHS connected platform (planned for the first quarter of CY 2020), Day Lewis pharmacists will be able to receive GP-approved prescriptions for customers to smooth workflow and reduce customer wait times.

Day Lewis customers who download the free consumer app will enjoy the benefits of easy access to their medication history (sourced direct from their GP record), and the ability to seamlessly request script renewals from their own GPs, resulting in saved time and greater convenience.

MedAdvisor will be charging a monthly recurring licence fee as well as SMS messaging fees to Day Lewis in respect for each participating pharmacy.

Importantly, MedAdvisor’s planned integrations with the NHS and other third parties to service the Day Lewis agreement will also enable it to support similar implementations at other UK pharmacy chains, and for the large number of independent community pharmacies in the UK. MedAdvisor UK’s Managing Director, Jamal Butt, will leverage this market entry to extend the MedAdvisor product to other pharmacy chains and open the marketplace for Digital Adherence Programs.

In the past 6 months MedAdvisor has established itself in 3 significant international markets as the business aggressively pursues its international growth strategy. The news of the UK market entry follows MedAdvisor’s announcement in May 2019 of its agreement with MedExpress in the Philippines, signaling the first pharmacy chain customer for the MedAdvisor/Zuellig joint venture.

In addition, MedAdvisor’s partnership with Adheris in the US to offer paid digital health programs through Adheris’ existing footprint of pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy chains representing a potential 197m US customers, through 26,000 pharmacies was announced in March 2019.

Robert Read – CEO, MedAdvisor commented: “I am delighted to be working with the Day Lewis Group as our first UK customer for our world-leading medication management platform. The UK market has been a focus for MedAdvisor’s international business development given the similarities with the Australian market, and importantly having less ownership fragmentation, meaning the ability to achieve scale is easier. We have been clear that we want to partner or have lead customers who validate and de-risk the market entry. Day Lewis is an outstanding initial customer with ownership of a large network of pharmacies and a significant reach into an even larger network in the independent and small chain market”.

Jamal Butt – Managing Director, MedAdvisor UK stated: “It is exciting for us to be entering the UK market with a strong and differentiated customer proposition, and with Day Lewis Group, a large and respected brand in the UK. I am pleased with the positive response we have had to our product proposition from independent pharmacies and pharmacy chains in the UK. Helping people take control of their health is important, and our solution which fully supports the NHS Long Term Plan, will help improve medicines adherence and health outcomes for many people across the UK.”

Sam Patel – Executive Director, Day Lewis Group concurred: “The partnership with MedAdvisor was an easy decision to make for our business as we are always looking for innovative solutions to improve the services we provide to our customers. Our customers want convenience, choice, and information underpinning quality use of medicines. By working with MedAdvisor and supporting its rollout in the UK, we can better deliver our company’s core purpose – to help people in the community stay healthy and feel better.”



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