Meet the mothers of the misting movement

Anna Sylwander and Josephine Strömberg are the founders of the revolutionary health tech brand Mistr. They calmly balance work, life and bringing up 7 children between them, in the
midst of a global pandemic.

Mistr is changing the way we consume supplements by using similar technology to a vape, but with none of the toxic ingredients. Instead of taking supplements in tablet form the
product allows you to inhale the organic plant extracts so they are absorbed quickly and effectively into your bloodstream without losing potency.

When Anna wanted to stop smoking a few years ago, she could not find a healthy alternative to help her kick the habit. After a conversation with close friend Josephine, a supplement specialist with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Mistr was born.

They joined forces with the mission to create a cutting-edge product that elevates wellbeing and provides a non-harmful alternative to smoking. They have created a new movement known as ‘misting’ which combines purity, pleasure and wellbeing.

Mistr has identified a new category that bridges the supplement industry and the vaping industry with a non-toxic product that helps smokers quit their addiction but also offers a
new, innovative way to ingest supplements and combat issues such as stress, anxiety, immunity and insomnia.

There are currently 6 different combinations available, including organic ingredients such as peppermint, ginseng, ashwagandha and chamomile.
Anna and Josephine both live in Stockholm, Sweden and balance working from home, caring for their children and working with investors and partners to support the Global roll out of
their new and exciting product.


Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals

Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals