MP Andy Carter officially opens community healthcare clinic in Warrington

Andy Carter, MP for Warrington South, has officially opened a brand new community ophthalmology hospital which promises to improve patient choice in the area.

CHEC, an independent provider working in partnership with the NHS, is now available to provide ophthalmology services to patients from its location at Centre Park. Its community approach to healthcare provision enables patients to be seen for vital procedures in as little as one week, dramatically enhancing their quality of life.

Elsewhere in the North West, CHEC Accrington has delivered ophthalmology services to more than 3,100 patients since it opened just over a year ago, having completed over 700 cataract surgeries with an average wait time of just a week.

Mr Carter was invited to attend CHEC’s new hospital – located in Phoenix House, just south of central Warrington – to meet its team and gain a first-hand insight into the benefits of community healthcare, including improved patient choice, increased accessibility, and shorter waiting times.

Lauren Puckering, Hospital Manager for CHEC Warrington, said: “We’re delighted to have marked the opening of our new hospital with a visit from Mr Carter MP, knowing he is as committed as we are to supporting residents in the area to access vital healthcare quickly and easily. In bringing our hospital to Warrington, we are playing a key role in improving patient choice and reducing waiting times for procedures which, once complete, transform a person’s wellbeing. Those in the area requiring ophthalmology support should speak to their optician, GP or hospital and discuss the option to be referred to CHEC Warrington – it’s a step thousands of people around the country have already taken, with amazing outcomes for all.”

Mr Carter MP said of his visit to the hospital: “I welcome CHEC’s decision to open a new centre in Warrington. I’ve long argued for better healthcare facilities in our area and CHEC’s relationship with the NHS and their commitment to providing timely and patient focused treatment is really evident at their clinic.

“Patient choice gives NHS patients who need treatment the ability to choose where they go to see a consultant and where procedures are carried out. More providers means more choice and faster treatment for both diagnostic procedures and eye care.”

Ophthalmology is a crucial service for diagnosing, treating, and managing general eye conditions as well as more serious issues including glaucoma and cataracts. The introduction of community providers such as CHEC has seen positive results in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. In ophthalmology specifically, total activity was up more than 15 per cent in 2023 as compared to 2019 – and average waits are down by as much as two weeks.


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