NDL announces launch of its brand new ‘eForm Showcase’ for healthcare sector

NDL has announced the launch of its brand new eForms Showcase, providing in-demand templates to aid transformation within the healthcare sector.

The showcase is an ever-growing library of eForm templates, that has been created to provide immediate solutions to the most sought-after use cases, reducing the time-to-live on digitisation projects and helping to make a difference faster.

Templates include patient health questionnaires, nutritional alert forms, and new starter forms that gather information from new employees regarding their contact details, student loan status and vehicle details. The showcase also incorporates mobile app templates to further assist NDL’s large base of health sector customers across the country in their transformation journey.

It is another great contribution from this year’s delivery consultants on NDL’s Digital Apprenticeship Programme, designed to facilitate quicker and more efficient frontline digitisation,

Each eForm created is royalty free and provided to NDL’s community of customers on an ‘Open Source’ basis. NHS Trusts and public sector teams can simply download everything they need for an eForms project and tailor the low-code templates to accelerate inhouse self-build projects.

Development of the eForm library is responsive to healthcare sector needs and the NDL community is encouraged to request new templates as demand arises.

eForms enable teams to simplify the collection of information and alleviate administrative pressures on staff. The templates, built using NDL’s FX eForm platform, can be refined, redesigned and rebranded by the end user, and are provided with documentation and sample data to see the form in use straight away.

NDL is investing in its Digital Apprenticeship Programme to support the next generation of talent within the industry and improve STEM career pathways. The eForms Showcase is the first large project on the course, enabling apprentices to gain experience on impactful projects from the start.

The Digital Apprenticeship Scheme, launched by NDL in 2018, offers an alternative route into the IT sector. Now in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, the scheme offers a BSC (Hons) degree and a full-time position in Product Development or Consultancy with NDL.

The investment in the apprenticeship scheme not only provides benefits for the apprentices through development of their technical knowledge but is also designed to ensure busy public sector services directly benefit from additional resources.

Lizzie Brightwell one of NDL’s delivery consultants joined the apprenticeship scheme as a mature student switching careers, after using lockdown as an opportunity to learn more about coding.

Lizzie Brightwell, Delivery Consultant at NDL Software said:

‘When I was furloughed in my previous role last year, I had the opportunity to try some coding – and I absolutely loved it. I enjoy collaborating with others and solving problems, so my role as a Delivery Consultant has turned out to be a great fit, involving a good mix of everything.

“It’s proven very rewarding to be working with clients in the healthcare sector and I love working with a team as supportive and organised as NDL – especially from a personal development and training perspective.”

Campbell Harte Head of Service Delivery at NDL Software said:

‘’The eForms showcase is a great opportunity for our apprentices to make an impact on the healthcare sector from the start. It is all about inspiring thoughts and conversations about what can be achieved using eForms, accelerating delivery, sharing our experience and allowing customers in IT and business development to engage with their end-users quicker.

“Many of our customers already share their projects via our user group and forums, and the eForm showcase builds on this existing community. We aim to encourage the wider healthcare sector to approach NDL with new eForm cases to continue the expansion of templates available, which can provide solutions for frontline digitisation

“We know from experience that every organisation works in a slightly different way, so it’s vital customer teams have the flexibility to adapt technology to the way their staff actually work.”


Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals

Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals