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Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust & Sensyne Health collaborate to develop remote support and management app for patients with diabetes.

Today, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust announced the implementation of the innovative DBm-Health™ app, co-designed by diabetes clinicians at the Trust and Sensyne Health, to better support patients to manage their diabetes more effectively from home.

This new technology is one of a long line of next-generation care tools that have been developed as part of the CW Innovation programme to deliver innovative and high-quality remote care in response to the pandemic. CW Innovation – jointly led by the Trust and CW+, the Trust’s charity – has enabled the rapid acceleration of new technology that effectively manages patient health outside the walls of the hospital. Long-term conditions, like diabetes, fit this model of digital care, which the NHS is embracing, and patients are welcoming as being more convenient and currently safer with infection control and prevention benefits.

The DBm-Health system has been collaboratively developed by Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Sensyne Health and includes a smartphone app for patients and a desktop app for clinicians. Working together, patients and their clinicians develop a personalised care plan comprising lifestyle advice, treatment and clear targets for blood glucose control. Patients can input their blood glucose readings into the app either directly or via a compatible Bluetooth glucose meter, as well as other relevant data such as when any blood glucose measurements were taken (e.g. before or after a meal, what they have eaten), which is sent to their clinician in an easy-to-read format so they can:

• See individual blood glucose readings
• Identify patients whose glucose readings are out of range, allowing targeted support
• Filter patient lists to help prioritise interventions
• Message patients via the app or by text message

Dr Daniel Morganstein, Endocrinologist and Diabetes Specialist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has led the clinical development of DBm-Health working closely with the Sensyne team and explains: “DBm-Health has the potential to radically improve how we manage our patients, especially those benefiting from additional support in self-management. It uses only a standard glucose meter available to almost all people living with diabetes. We’re excited by the possibilities of this technology, which comes at a time when we’re trying to care for patients without them having to come in the hospital.

“We hope the new DBm-Health system will enable us to care for more patients by significantly reducing the time taken to contact patients by phone or email to review their data and allow the team to focus on those needing support.”

This new service is being launched to a limited number of patients initially with a view to it being rolled out across the Trust, delivered by a team of dedicated and highly experienced diabetes nurse specialists.

Dr. Lucy Mackillop, Chief Medical Officer, Sensyne Health, said: “DBm-Health is another great example of how our collaboration with this innovative NHS Trust can deliver solutions that enhance clinical care for patients and improve operational efficiency. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought additional burden to the management of diabetes, and we look forward to DBm-Health making a significant difference to diabetes care for patients and clinicians at Chelsea and Westminster and across the NHS.”



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