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New remote mic kit extends reach of HeardThat’s AI noise removal

The kits are priced affordably, setting a pricing standard for quality, with a limited-time discount available with year-long HeardThat subscriptions

Singular Hearing, a subsidiary of Singular Software and creator of HeardThat, today launched the HeardThat Remote Mic Kit which expands the HeardThat app’s utility. The kits are specially engineered to complement the HeardThat app, which uses AI on smartphones to enhance understanding and reduce listening effort by separating speech from noise.

Each kit includes two small wireless microphones, one micro-receiver that plugs into any smartphone, and a charging case for easy storage. The HeardThat app and HeardThat Remote Mic Kit work seamlessly with users’ existing devices to help them hear speech in different situations, including:

Watching TV: Enjoy dialogue without being overpowered by sound effects and background noise. Place a microphone near the TV speaker to hear the dialogue.

Large tables: Whether at a family gathering or holiday function, the kit lets users hear every word, no matter where they’re seated or how loud the background noise gets.

Lectures: The remote mic can be worn by the presenter or placed on the podium, so every seat feels like it’s in the front row.

Conversations from different rooms: a user’s companion can wear the mic so they can hear them from a room away.

The extra-noisy restaurant: Stop struggling to hear conversations clearly in bustling restaurants. The microphones can sit discreetly on the table, ensuring users stay in the conversation.

The key features of the HeardThat Remote Mic Kit Include:

Easy setup: The micro-receiver plugs into the phone’s Lightning or USB-C port and automatically connects to the microphones.

Enhanced noise removal: Leveraging the power of smartphones and HeardThat’s award-winning technology, this kit offers unmatched noise removal capabilities.

Versatile design: With 360° rotating clips that can also be placed on a flat surface, the kit adapts to almost any situation, making it highly adaptable and versatile.

“We believe that everyone deserves to participate in conversations without any hindrances,” shared Bruce Sharpe, the creator of HeardThat. “With our app and the HeardThat Remote Mic Kit, we aim to revolutionize the way people use technology to help people hear conversations more easily in noisy areas.”

For a limited time, the HeardThat Remote Mic Kit costs $34.99 with a 1-year subscription to HeardThat. The full price is just $69.99, setting an affordability standard in the remote microphone market.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals