Nexum’s New AERO Earbud Bundle Offers Revolutionary Hearing Support Using Auracast Technology

The earbuds come bundled with an Auracast adapter/transmitter, offering superior audio clarity and connectivity to those with hearing difficulties

TAIPEI, May 20, 2024 – Audio innovators NEXUM’s newly-launched AERO is one of the first sets of wireless earbuds to harness the power of Auracast—the latest iteration of Bluetooth technology which allows audio from a single source to be broadcast simultaneously to a virtually unlimited number of listeners. Now available on Kickstarter, the AERO will be sold as part of an exclusive bundle that includes the company’s VOCE Auracast adapter and transmitter, which can turn any television, laptop, or phone into a multi-stream audio powerhouse. For those with hearing difficulties, the AERO bundle offers a solution that can reshape the way they connect with sound in both private and public settings.

The AERO bundle represents one of the first integrated Auracast solutions on the market, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of audio sharing before the technology is widely implemented in both listening and broadcasting devices.

Transforming Audio Accessibility

In public settings, sound needs to be projected so everyone within range hears it—whether it’s a television, stereo, or PA system. This can present problems in terms of excessive noise, poor sound quality, or failing to address the different hearing needs of the audience. Traditional hearing aids that amplify all surrounding sounds often result in poor sound quality, and can be especially overwhelming and uncomfortable in noisy environments. However, the AERO earbuds can be used to provide selective amplification of specific audio sources with high-definition audio.

Broadcasts from Auracast-enabled devices allow anyone with Auracast-enabled earbuds to listen by selecting the broadcast on their devices. You connect the earbuds to your phone the way you would any other similar device, however, in your Bluetooth settings, you’ll have the option to select ‘Auracast station’. Here, you’ll be able to view any Auracast audio sources, and with just one tap, you’ll be instantly connected to the audio stream.

Auracast stations don’t need to actively “pair” with each new device, allowing new headsets to receive audio effortlessly, while listeners can switch between audio feeds without the need to repeatedly reconnect—the way you would with conventional Bluetooth devices. This transforms the way audio can be enjoyed in private settings, which previously could only pair with a single device, while also allowing entirely new possibilities in the way public broadcasts and announcements are able to be heard—especially for those who need hearing assistance.

Innovative Tech, Innovative Use Cases

In addition to AERO earbuds, the Kickstarter bundles include a newly upgraded VOCE Auracast adapter and transmitter. This lightweight device supports 3.5mm aux out or USB-C, easily converting the sound of any device into an Auracast broadcast. It features a built-in microphone that supports a High Sensitivity Boost Mode which captures faint sounds from its built-in microphone with a 9dB gain. When anyone wears it, it effectively turns into a microphone, or it can be placed near a speaker or another source of sound to act as a remote microphone.

This versatility opens up new possibilities:

· When watching a movie at home, audio can be broadcast to multiple AERO earbuds simultaneously with differing volume levels. This allows users with differing levels of hearing ability to enjoy entertainment with others without disturbing people nearby.

· In assisted living facilities, caregivers can use the VOCE adapter to communicate directly with residents through their AERO earbuds. This can be particularly helpful for residents with hearing impairments, ensuring they receive important information clearly.

· In classrooms where some have hearing difficulties, the VOCE’s microphone can be used to broadcast to any students wearing the AERO earbuds.

· For tour groups, the VOCE has a built-in microphone that can be used to broadcast directly to all your tour participants wearing AERO earbuds—especially useful where the group consists of people of different ages and hearing abilities.

· In public areas such as busy airports, people with hearing difficulties can choose to clearly hear public announcements about boarding information without being disturbed by the amplified noise of other travelers.

The low latency of Auracast station and headset also ensure audio sources are synchronized, reducing the risk of missing critical information in public broadcasts due to delays, while on the other hand, ensuring that contexts like watching a movie feel seamless and natural.

With its powerful amplification and exceptional battery life, the AERO earbuds deliver clear sound throughout the day without the need for frequent recharging, providing both comfort and convenience to users requiring hearing assistance. When paired with the VOCE adapter’s environmental amplification capabilities and flexible Bluetooth streaming, this combination provides unmatched audio clarity and connectivity for those with hearing difficulties. Whether in busy public spaces or quiet private settings, the AERO and VOCE together ensure that users never miss the important sound, enhancing their overall listening experience and quality of life.

What’s Included in the Kickstarter Package?

The AERO is launching on Kickstarter with various packages tailored to different needs:

· 1 set of AERO earbuds (Launch day price: US$49)

· 1 VOCE + 2 sets of AERO earbuds (Launch day price: US$163)

· 1 VOCE + 5 sets of AERO earbuds (Launch day price: US$302)

· 1 VOCE + 10 sets of AERO earbuds (Launch day price: US$529)

Each set of AERO earbuds comes with a charging case and a USB-C charging cable.

Please note: these prices are available for a limited time only. See the Kickstarter page for more details.

Technical Specifications

Size & Weight

· Headset35.18 x 18.51 x 22.95mm, 4.18g per earbud

· Charging Case56.5 x 45.8 x 28.23mm, 36.25g

General Features

· System compatibility: iOS / Android / Windows

· Waterproof rating: IPX5

· Speaker Grade: Φ10mm16Ω

· Headset playtime: 7hrs

Bluetooth Specifications

· Bluetooth version: 5.3

· Bluetooth solution: Airoha AB1565

· Supported protocols: HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP

· Audio decoding: SBC, AAC, LC

· Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz

· Effective range: ≥10 meters


· Headset charging time: 1.5hrs

· Case charging time: 2hrs

· Headset battery: 50mAh at 3.7V

· Charging case battery: 400mAh at 3.7V


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