NHS Funds Cluster Headache Technology

A gadget that can zap headaches away is to be made available thanks to the Long Term Plan.

The NHS has announced that it is funding a device that helps to reduce the pain and severity of cluster headaches. The gadget uses electrical currents as a way to interrupt the pain signals in the body.

The funding of the gadget comes as part of the Long Term Plan which puts the focus on using cutting edge treatments. Furthermore, it promises to introduce proven innovations, that are affordable, as quickly as possible.

The device works by being placed on the neck to reduce the pain of cluster headaches. Although rare, cluster headaches are known to be very painful to the patient. The onset is very quick and described as a sharp or piercing sensation in the side of the head. Cluster headaches can last anywhere between fifteen minutes and three hours. However, it is likely that the patient will suffer more than one attack a day.

Research shows that around 66,000 people in the UK suffer from cluster headaches. The device hopes the reach the one in twenty people that do not respond to tradition pain-relieving methods such as oxygen or painkiller medication. The device is portable meaning patients can carry the gadget with them to reduce the severity when they feel a cluster headache coming on.

15 Academic Health Science Networks will be responsible for speeding up the use of these gadgets across England.

Susan Haydon from The Migraine Trust says; “Cluster headache is one of the most painful conditions that a person can experience. It is crucial that people who experience it receive effective treatment. It is, therefore, a very positive step that there is a new cluster headache treatment option available on the NHS.”

Simon Stevens from NHS England adds; “Innovative technologies like this could not only alleviate painful symptoms but could empower patients to claim back their ordinary daily lives.”

Article source: https://www.england.nhs.uk/2019/05/nhs-funds-handheld-headache-busting-device-as-part-of-long-term-plan/


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