Nori Health shows big impact on chronic disease management with its AI companion


Digital therapies startup Nori Health presents a 34% improvement of disease management in its latest observational data update from 600 patients that completed its digital program in 2020. The importance of disease management has been highlighted in many studies as it contributes to better quality of life and avoiding complications with chronic conditions.
Nori Health is an 8-week interventional program guided by digital companion Nori. Nori is AI-based and is able to serve thousands at the same time on a deeply personal level. Patients have daily chat conversations with Nori to better understand the condition and its underlying triggers, and to build routines across factors that impact both symptoms and quality of life. This is done across lifestyle factors such as diet, hydration, stress, social life, and mental health.

– The Nori Health model: combining disease management with primary symptom treatment

The digital therapy app the company developed is based on an unique model which combines the practical approach to disease management with a holistic approach on symptom treatment. Using evidence-based methodology such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and extracting content from hundreds of scientific studies to serve information to the right users at the right time.

The Nori Health program is currently available for people living with Crohn’s or Colitis, both inflammatory bowel diseases. The company is in the process of applying the app towards other similar conditions this year.

– Bringing digital and traditional treatment together to extend care

The vision of the company is rooted in the fact that the founder, Roeland Pater, lives with a chronic disease himself and experiences the challenges on a daily basis. Closing the gap in quality of life between people with a chronic condition and healthy individuals is the mission of Nori Health. This is done by extending medical treatment with digital support on the most pressing symptoms, and on social life and mental health.

Steve Overman, former professor of clinical medicine at the University of Washington, comments on the importance of extending treatment: “There has been a lot of evidence that indicates the positive impact of physical and psychological behavior on the severity of chronic diseases”, he states. “The fact that companies like Nori Health are exploring the way digital platforms can support traditional treatment is hopeful. Patients deserve personal support throughout the year, not just when they fall ill. Ultimately it will improve their outcomes as well.”


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