Online cancer screening launched by Check4Cancer

A new brand and website has been launched by Check4Cancer who provide genetic and early cancer detection services. All their cancer services have now been brought together onto one online platform.

It is now even more efficient and easier to access affordable and rapid diagnostic tests and cancer screening. This is especially good for those that missed out on screening appointments during the pandemic and for those who are concerned they might have cancer.

Due to the continuation of disruption because of the coronavirus outbreak, thousands of people have experienced delays in their GP and outpatient appointments. With the uncertainty surrounding when the pandemic will come to an end, it is likely that it will still take some time for the NHS to return its normal operating schedules.

Many medical services have been affected. Cancer Research UK has released the latest figures and nearly 200,000 people per week have not been screened for bowel, cervical and breast cancer. This means hundreds of people who have cancer have gone undiagnosed. The result of this is an estimation of 18,000 more people will die from cancer within the first year of the pandemic.

Early detection of cancer is vital in the effective treatment of patients, and Check4Cancer’s diagnostic and screening services cover the six most common cancers. They are Prostate, Skin, Lung, Breast, Bowel and Cervical cancer. The pandemic has caused many people to go undiagnosed and untreated which has caused major disruption in their and their families’ lives. The Check4Cancers new website launch now provides people with affordable and easy access to life-saving cancer screening. Four of the six cancers can now be screened at home with sample collection kits.

Chief Medical Officer at Check4Cancer and Visiting Professor of Cancer Surgery at Anglia Ruskin School of Medicine, Professor Gordon Wishart, said; “As always Check4Cancer aims to help those worried about cancer. We’re pleased to be able to continue to offer our full suite of services during this challenging time. We want people to know that if they have concerns that they have missed their screening appointment, or simply need peace of mind, we are making screening easier than ever. Many of our tests can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. By offering all of our cancer screening services under one umbrella, this new online service will make it quick and easy for people to get tested. Early detection is key in our fight against cancer.”

Article source: https://www.check4cancer.com/advice-and-awareness/blog/1208-check4cancer-launches-online-service-to-provide-fast-cancer-screening-as-thousands-of-people-go-untested-in-the-covid-19-pandemic


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