Paxman unveil world’s first patient focused scalp cooling website

The world’s first patient focused website has been launched by scalp cooling expert Paxman to guide people through every step of the cold capping process. is a revolutionary global patient guide offering detailed supportive information accessible 24 hours a day / seven days a week from any location in the world.

It includes tutorials, videos, blogs as well as a virtual patient support community via a private Facebook group, to help people decide if it’s the right treatment for them and also offer crucial support throughout the scalp cooling process.

In these challenging times for everyone within the cancer community and the extra stress, anxiety and uncertainty that this pandemic has brought to all our lives, Paxman hopes to assist with the scalp cooling concerns of those who are in active cancer treatment.

The ultimate aim is to ensure cold cappers have the right information to hand so they feel empowered and can self-advocate – something which is proven to make a significant difference; an informed patient has a better outcome.

Over the past year, Paxman have mapped patient journeys from early diagnosis through to the end of treatment.  The family run business, which was founded after experiencing first-hand the trauma of hair loss, have conducted insight surveys and interviews to find out exactly what resources a newly diagnosed patient wants available to them.

Now, wherever a person is in the world, they will be able to access tailored information bespoke to the country in which they live. Information such as what scalp cooling is, how the process works and the location of their nearest Paxman treatment centre.

They will be guided through the entire process and given crucial information such as hair care advice, frequently asked questions and easy to follow tutorials to learn about the best cap sizing, correct cap fitting and how to prepare their hair before treatment.

There is also a large Facebook community already set up which offers instant access to thousands of other cold cappers around the globe. This resource has been invaluable in connecting people in similar situations and answering people’s questions and concerns.

Richard Paxman, CEO at Paxman said: “We understand the anxieties and vulnerability of those newly diagnosed women and men and want to lighten this load where we can.  We hope that by demystifying the scalp cooling process this will benefit and support everyone involved, whether that be the patient, their surrounding family and caregivers, friends and wider support network. It reinforces our patient centric outlook ensuring that our end users are completely at the heart of everything we do. “

Patients can also hear the Paxman family talk about the original Paxman pioneer Sue Paxman, who is the heart and motivation behind everything the company does.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, the mum of four tried a primitive scalp cooling system during her chemotherapy treatment. Sadly, it did not work for her and she lost her hair, something which was extremely traumatic for both Sue and her family. It was this factor that led her husband Glenn Paxman decide that he would develop a system that worked and stop anyone else from having to go through the horrible experience of chemotherapy induced hair loss.

Richard added “My mum’s experience is why we know what people are facing. The Paxman Scalp Cooling System’s impact on hundreds and thousands of patients worldwide is her legacy. As a family we could not be prouder that there is a small part of her that meant so much to us, reaching everyone that uses our system and gives cold capping a try.”


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals