PET-CT services updated in the Thames Valley area

On 3 September 2019, NHS England and improvement, Hospital NHS Foundation Trust , InHealth and Oxford University released a joint statement regarding an update on PET-CT services in the Thames Valley area.

More lives are being saved by the NHSs commitment to detecting more cancers earlier. Scanning and diagnostics have been increased so that patients can access services like PET-CT scans more easily.

A formal partnership agreement has now been signed by NHS England and improvement, Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, InHealth and Oxford University.

Patients can now access these new and very important additional services created by the partnership agreement, across the Thames valley which is provided by InHealth, all while sustaining the PET-CT scanning service, provided by the OUH on the Churchhill site.

These brand-new scanning facilities provided by Inhealth, will use highly skilled clinical staff and be based in Reading (Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust), Swindon (Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) and Milton Keynes (Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust).

Modern mobile scans will be used by the new sites, and will aim towards implementing permanent facilities in the future.

Waiting times will be reduced by this new arrangement, and also make transferring of scan reports and scans between different sites and doctors in more convenient locations for patients to access across the region.

There may be future possibilities created across the Thames Valley to develop more local scanning services.

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