Public Health England Issues Cold Weather Warning

With cold weather in England, PHE offers health advice for those at risk in low temperatures

With the band of cold weather across the UK, Public Health England (PHE) has issued advice to citizens to look out for those most at risk in cold weather. With an influx of snow as well as cold weather bands, there is a higher risk of illnesses that are linked to exposure to cold weather.

PHE are advising individuals to make sure they check in regularly on those most at risk to illnesses. This includes people who;

  • Have heart conditions
  • Are older
  • Are young children
  • Have lung conditions.

All of these groups are most vulnerable to issues associated with cold weather.

PHE has also issued guidance on what to do in periods of cold weather which include;

  1. Looking after friends and family and making sure they have sufficient heating in their home as well as access to warm food and drink.
  2. Ensure an indoor temperature at 18°C. If the temperature is lower than 18°C, then the blood will thicken which can lead to clots and subsequently potential heart attacks and strokes.
  3. Stay up to date with the weather forecast and prepare accordingly.
  4. Ensure you make the most of any benefits and entitlements you are eligible for, especially with utility companies that ensure those most at risk are a priority after power cuts.
  5. Reduce your exposure to icy and cold conditions which could lead to accidents, injuries and cold weather-related illnesses.
  6. Ask friends and neighbours who may need snow and ice clearing from the front of their house and nearby walkways.
  7. Wear shoes with a good grip and wear lots of thin layers that can increase insulation around the body.

For more advice, for cold weather preparations, the NHS has released guidance on How To Stay Well This Winter.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals