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We are also offering support within your Primary Care Network ( PCN ) as a  central administrator, managing all referrals and supporting the RAS.

As well as economy of scale and collaborative working, it is anticipated that managing referrals in this way may have added benefits in the future. For example, the details of how referrals to specialties not currently within the RAS proposal will be managed are not yet established, but clearly these will need on-going management.

It will be necessary in the future, within the PCN and in partnership with community providers, to set up referral administration and support, for Community PCN led services to manage referrals and appointment booking.

We are also able to offer Referral Management for those CCG areas that are not currently using the RAS. The administrative triage ensure appropriate first out patients  referrals with the correct attachments and clinical summary  are received to avoid a wasted appointment. This includes  contacting patients to offer them a choice of provider and appointment and make their booking for community or secondary care clinic. Clinical triage service has proven an additional help, although this is optional and all requirements can be discussed.

If a referral is identified as being incomplete or falling below the agreed administrative standard the Referral Services administrator will email the relevant practice to arrange the addition of missing information or to agree other ways of improving the referral.

The outcome of these discussions can include:

  • Addition of missing information i.e. past medical history, current medication, BMI, smoking status
  • Updating of patient contact details
  • Cancellation of duplicate referrals
  • Cancellation of referral at patient request
  • Amending preferences on referral if patients preference changes.

Reporting and Clinical Audit

Using e-RS database and clinical resources, BHL undertakes a variety of audit projects on behalf of CCGs to underpin service redesign or to inform commissioning and decommissioning decisions.

We develop reliable referral data and identify trends in referral patterns that we communicate to commissioning colleagues and member practices to aid decision making and to support the development of innovative solutions to healthcare problems.

Bexley Health Limited also offer GP Education and Training  Events, to improve referral outcomes.  These events are proven very successful and very informative.

Please contact Lynne Cooling – or Karen White  – for further information, we are happy to meet with you to discuss our support on offer.


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