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Revolutionizing Digestive Wellness: GutHealth.Care launches comprehensive digital program for IBS management

Individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) have struggled to receive comprehensive and holistic care for too long. Various studies have shown that the lack of accessible resources has left IBS patients feeling isolated, hindering effective symptom management. To provide more readily available and all-encompassing IBS management, digital wellness startup GutHealth.Care is set to launch its location-independent IBS care program.

Regis Asseman, the founder and visionary behind is no stranger to the struggles IBS patients face in obtaining relevant information and adequate care: “As someone who has personally grappled with the challenges of Irritable Bowel Syndrome throughout my life, I understand firsthand the frustration of searching for adequate care and reliable information to manage this condition effectively. Each time I sought help, I encountered a lack of obtainable resources and in-depth guidance on how to adjust my lifestyle for long-term IBS management. This personal struggle became the driving force behind Teaming up with professional dietitians, fitness experts, and psychologists, we’ve created a holistic program that draws from both personal experience and expert knowledge. We aim to break down barriers and provide accessible, transformative support to anyone, regardless of location. At we’re not just offering a program; we’re extending a helping hand to individuals seeking a better, more informed journey toward digestive well-being.”

GutHealth.Care IBS management program is science-backed, supported by a wealth of research recognizing that IBS extends beyond physical symptoms. A 2020 scientific review by Dahlin (‘The Need for a More Holistic Approach for the Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome’) notes the efficacy of a holistic approach that integrates psychological and physical treatments for effective IBS management. aims to revolutionize IBS management by providing this evidence-based, holistic methodology, offering hope and relief for those affected by IBS.

Kristina Zalnieraite, a licensed dietitian and Head of Dietetics & Medical Affairs at GutHealth.Care adds: “As a healthcare professional, I’ve witnessed in recent years a noticeable surge in patients suffering from digestive issues and the challenges Irritable Bowel Syndrome causes for their lives. Increased intake of processed foods, lack of movement and the new work-from-home culture are just the tip of the iceberg regarding negative effects on digestive health. This growing concern underscores the urgent need for attainable and detailed solutions. Joining GutHealth.Care programs is more than just a step towards relief—it’s a commitment to personalized care and expert guidance. Our goal is to empower individuals facing digestive health struggles with the tools and knowledge they need for effective, long-term management. At GutHealth.Care, we’re dedicated to transforming the landscape of digestive wellness, one individual at a time.”

GutHealth.Care IBS management program is based on three pillars:

1 Personalized to patient’s unique situation:
There are no pre-made solutions at GutHealth.Care. The company recognizes that each person’s gut health depends on a summary of numerous factors, including their eating habits, lifestyle and even their way of thinking. At GutHealth.Care, each individual receives a unique and personalized action plan for managing their condition successfully for the long term.

2 Guided care:
GutHealth.Care is designed to offer one-on-one consultations, personalized dietary insights and adjunct therapies, adapting to each patient’s situation for effective and non-invasive care. During the 3-month program, patients are in constant contact with a certified dietitian who guides them toward healthy habits to manage IBS, even after the program ends. Upon request, patients can receive assistance from an in-house clinical psychologist and a fitness expert specializing in gut-directed movements.

3 Holistic approach:
Truly effective IBS care extends beyond adjusting one’s diet – a fact often neglected by the traditional healthcare system. To successfully manage IBS symptoms and improve quality of life, it’s important to work with one’s eating habits, mindset and incorporate mindful physical activity into the daily routine. offers a multi-faceted approach to maximize the results.

Julija Morozovaite, a Clinical Psychologist and Head of Clinical Psychology at GutHealth.Care: ‘Throughout my decade-long career in the wellness field, I’ve witnessed firsthand the profound impact that IBS can have on an individual’s life. While the physical symptoms can be debilitating, the psychological distress often goes unnoticed. I’ve worked with countless patients who grappled with anxiety, depression, and a distorted body image as a result of their IBS. These emotional burdens further exacerbated their physical discomfort, creating a vicious cycle of distress.The psychological dimension of IBS is often overlooked, but it’s an essential part of the healing process. That’s why I’m so excited about our holistic approach to IBS management. By incorporating mindfulness-based practices into our care programs, we’re addressing the root causes of IBS, not just the symptoms. As a Clinical Psychologist with a dual passion for nutrition and psychology, I’ve seen how seamlessly mindfulness can integrate with dietary changes.’s programs effectively combine these two approaches to provide a holistic solution for IBS sufferers.’

Julija Spicynė, a certified Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher (RYT 200) and Head of Gut directed Fitness at Seeking a path to healing after the challenges of childbirth, I found relief in the practice of yoga. Yoga’s mindful movements, soothing breathwork, and deep focus on abdominal awareness resonated deeply, gradually alleviating the digestive discomfort that had become a constant companion. Yoga taught me to listen intently to my body’s whispers, to approach my digestive system with care and compassion, and to cultivate a sense of balance and harmony within myself. This transformed not only my physical well-being but also my overall outlook, empowering me to embrace a life free from digestive distress. Today, I stand as a testament to yoga’s transformative power, sharing its healing touch with others who face similar challenges. At, we harness the transformative potential of yoga, incorporating it seamlessly into a comprehensive program that addresses the root causes of digestive issues and promotes holistic well-being. Our tailored yoga practices, guided by dietary recommendations and mindfulness exercises, empower individuals to reclaim their digestive health and embrace a life of vitality.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals