Revolutionizing patient experience: Flyland recovery network’s facilities implement volo bedside tablets

Flyland Recovery Network, a leading substance use treatment provider, has recently announced the implementation of Volo’s iPad solution across its facilities. This decision was made to enhance the technology offered in the patient-centric substance use space and provide a more personalized and therapeutic experience for their patients.

Sehar Ryan, COO of Flyland Recovery Network, said, “We wanted to enhance the experience for our patients and provide them with access to their schedule, entertainment, and therapy lessons. We wanted to move away from the traditional ‘giant TVs in every room’ approach and offer something more innovative and tailored to meet and anticipate our clients’ needs.”

After researching various in-room tablet solutions, Flyland chose Volo for its flexibility and customization options. “Volo provided all of the resources we were looking for regarding features we wanted for our patients. We could customize and restrict as needed to ensure our patients’ safe and beneficial experiences. They also had the best customer service of the vendors we spoke with,” Flyland’s executive team explains.

Since implementing the Volo iPads, Flyland has seen numerous patient and facility benefits.

The Volo tablets have made it a more individualized patient experience, with access to their treatment curriculum and information in a user-friendly and easily accessible format. This has also helped to empower clients and foster independent thinking. The additional therapeutic lessons and courses in the system have enhanced the personalized treatment experience for patients. Removing the TVs has created a more therapeutic and healing environment in their rooms that aligns with Flyland’s minimalistic bedroom design approach.

In addition to improving the patient experience, implementing Volo has resulted in cost savings for Flyland Recovery Network. The facility has reduced expenses and allocated resources toward other patient care areas by eliminating the need for cable boxes in every room.

Implementing the tablet system has also reduced electrical and waste costs for the facilities by having digitized materials and the long battery life of the Volo systems, which is in line with their green initiatives.

Flyland’s executive team has stated, “We are excited to partner with Volo and bring their innovative technology to our facilities. This is just one of the many ways we constantly strive to improve and enhance the treatment experience for our patients.”

“We are honored to work with Flyland and to be a part of their mission to increase their patient engagement and education, while providing a personalized touch. It’s a natural fit – we are excited to be a part of their brand standard, and to grow alongside Flyland,” said Volo Solutions President & CEO Benjamin Londa.

With the implementation of Volo in-room tablets, Flyland is setting a new standard for patient care in the substance use treatment space. This move towards personalized and technology- driven solutions is a testament to their commitment to providing the best possible care.


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