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Shaping the Future of Insurance: The revolution of health insurers’ digital offerings through SDK integration

In today’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape, insurers are eagerly adopting inventive strategies to elevate digital interactions for their members. Among these strategies, the incorporation of SDK wrappers into health insurance member apps is gaining momentum. This integration offers a multitude of advantages for health insurers, chiefly harnessing the innovative technologies cultivated by their partners over time. Through the seamless integration of these technologies into their member web or mobile apps, insurers can drastically cut down on development time while guaranteeing a cohesive and uniform experience for their customers. Unlocking the Potential of SDK Integration: Enhancing Member Experience Integrating an SDK wrapper into the health insurance member app unlocks a plethora of services and functionalities for insurers and members alike. Through this integration, insurers can leverage various partner technologies seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive experience within their app.

Some examples of these services include: Video capability and Digital Health AI Assistants: Offering interactive and personalized assistance to members through video calls, AI-driven assistants, and instant messaging. Self-Pay, Symptom Checkers, Digital Health Booking Journeys: Empowering members to manage their health journey efficiently by facilitating self-pay options, symptom checking, and booking appointments for various health services. Patient Portals and Health & Wellbeing Content Services: Providing members with access to their health records, educational content, and resources for maintaining overall well-being. Customization and Integration Capabilities SDKs offer granular customization layers tailored for the insurance industry, ensuring a seamless integration experience. These capabilities include: Single Sign-On (SSO) and Eligibility Verification: Streamlining access for members and ensuring data security. Custom User Interface: Aligning the user interface with partnership branding and providing a consistent experience. Personalized Communications: Enhancing member engagement through tailored email communications.

Sophisticated Payment Processing: Facilitating seamless payment and co-payment processing within the app. Streamlining Digital Transformation for Insurers The integration of SDK wrappers enables insurers to achieve full digital transformation in a fraction of the time compared to internal development efforts. By addressing common challenges faced by insurers globally, such as disjointed web and app journeys, data silos, and difficulty in integrating digital health services, SDK technology offers a comprehensive solution. The Spectrum.Life SDK Approach: Driving Agile Adaptability At Spectrum.Life, our SDK approach for insurers offers versatility and fast integration, making us an ideal technical partner for navigating the fast-evolving healthcare landscape. With our “Engage, Empower, Transform” approach, we assist members throughout their health and wellbeing journey, integrating seamlessly with legacy and third-party systems. Conclusion Integrating SDK wrappers into health insurance member apps presents a transformative opportunity for insurers to enhance member experiences and streamline digital offerings. By leveraging partner technologies through seamless integration, insurers can provide a unified and engaging digital journey for their members, driving improved outcomes and satisfaction. Embracing SDK technology marks a significant step towards agile adaptability in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, positioning insurers as innovative leaders in the industry. About the author: Gary Coffey, CTO at Spectrum.Life Gary has over 15 years’ experience in Technology and has worked in many sectors ranging from FinTech, Gaming, AdTech, Media, Digital Advertising, Manufacturing and Banking. He has returned to Ireland in 2022 after living in Berlin for the past 8 years, working in companies such as Bombardier and most recently in the Media & Gaming sector for Media Games Invest and Gamigo where he held a leadership position as Group Chief Technical Officer. He uses his expertise in all areas of technology and business – from Cloud, Development, Data, M&A, Transformation & Cyber security and has a passion for building motivated & energetic technology teams.


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals