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snom Case Study: Göttingen-Weende Evangelical Hospital

Flexible, patient-accessible telecommunication within the hospital

Section 1 – Background

With 601 beds, the Göttingen-Weende Evangelical Hospital (EKW) is the largest general hospital serving Göttingen and the southern Lower Saxony region. More than 1,400 doctors, nurses, techni- cians and other medical staff at the Göttingen- Weende, Göttingen/Neu-Mariahilf and Bovenden- Lenglern sites work tirelessly to look after their patients.

Section 2 – Problem

As the old ISDN telephone systems at the EKW had been noticeably pushed to their limits over time, the hospital used their site-expansion project as the ideal opportunity to switch over to a more modern, IP-based system across all its buildings. The decision was made because features we take for granted today, such as an answering machine or fax to e-mail, not to mention more modern features like programmable keys, a second screen or editable call lists, would simply have been too costly, both to install on the existing system and to be accessible enough to both staff and patients alike in the future. A further, hugely decisive

point for implementing a new telecommunica- tions system was also that, with the expansion of clinical operations, the consistently high safety and availability requirements have to be covered sufficiently.

Ultimately, an extensive system was required that had to guarantee that all employees on all sites and in all areas of the buildings can be reached

at all times. The tender for completely renewing the telecommunications system was awarded to UCWare GmbH, a partner of German telephone manufacturer Snom, a company that has spear- headed the development of IP-based communica- tions solutions for the last twenty years.

Section 3 – Solution

Due to the special requirements, Snom and UCWare have been working with the IT staff at the EKW to develop a powerful on-site telecom- munications solution that fulfils all requirements and meets all expectations. As the staff at the hospital are constantly on the move, the focus lay on installing a comprehensive DECT network in all buildings. The introduction of DECT meant that the pager system that had been used up until that point could be phased out. Communication using the GSM mobile network was out of the question as the coverage was not sufficient, particularly in the lower-level and underground departments.

In addition, part of the old Media Gateways net- work, which used analogue table-top telephones, was maintained during the transition phase to ensure that staff could always be reached while the work was being carried out.

As the new Snom D315 and D345 IP table-top telephones were being rolled out in one location, focus was being shifted to the DECT environment. Subsequently, the old equipment was replaced by 280 cord extensions with Snom D315 and D345 handsets, as well as 650 Snom M65 DECT hand- sets on an operational area of approx. 50,000m².

Section 4 – Benefits

The use of Snom telephones and handsets, in cooperation with the UCWare solution – an IP telephone system virtualised by VMware – fulfils all the requirements an efficiently run hospital may have in a modern, powerful and patient- accessible telecommunications system.

Section 5 – Future

After the IP telephone system was successfully introduced, UCWare also took on the role of second-level support for the hospital.

Furthermore, the development of more client- specific features, such as the connection of KIS software and a patient entertainment system are also in the pipeline for this IP communications solutions manufacturer.

Jochen Kmietsch, EKW Project Leader, is delighted with the result | EKW Göttingen – a hospital adopting IP telephony

“After a careful examination of the market, we have determined that the collaboration between Snom and UCWare has covered our needs excellently. UCWare offers a comprehensive telephony range in a flexible licensing model and has proven itself to be a reliable partner. We would be delighted to work with UCWare and Snom again, at any time.” Jochen Kmietsch, IT Representative for all EKW sites

“In collaboration with IP telephony specialists, Snom, we were able to meet many of the EKW’s requirements right off the bat. UCWare and Snom were also able to provide the hospital with specific services that are not part of our standard range quite easily. Examples of this are special functions within the operator’s worksta- tion. Finally, the comprehensive features; competent, client-focussed and personal consultations and, not least, the attractive UCWare licensing model set us apart from the competition.” Rene Stegmeier, UCWare

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