Software support for critically ill Covid patients

A new piece of software is helping clinical teams at Northwick Park & Ealing Hospitals monitor and tracks the progress of Covid-19 patients in intensive care.

Northwick Park was one of the first hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients and attracted widespread media attention during the early days of the pandemic.

The hospital has since discharged more than 800 patients including one of its own A&E nurses who spent a month battling the virus before being cheered out of the building by colleagues.

Pathpoint was developed by orthopedic registrar Harry Lykostratis who, like so many others doctors from different specialisms, has been reassigned during the pandemic.

It was adapted in less than a fortnight by Harry who had developed a similar tool to manage orthopaedic patients.

The software allows large numbers of patients to be tracked with up-to-date handover information immediately available to clinical staff during shift changes and the ability to group patients into cohorts based on their fluctuating health needs.

Tariq Husain, Clinical Lead for Intensive Care at LNWH, said: “It’s been an incredibly helpful tool for us born out of crisis and will almost certainly continue to be used within Intensive Care when the current Covid-19 pandemic ends.

“The past two months has been the most extraordinary in my medical career and the sheer volume of critically ill patients we’ve been dealing with makes tracking patients quickly and efficiently invaluable.”


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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals