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Studiomade design and develop App to help educate against alcohol abuse

First released in 2014 , Drinks Meter has supported over 50,000 people and helped users from 170 countries.

The brainchild of Global Drug Survey Founder, Dr Adam Winstock; Consultant Addictions Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead for the Addiction for London Prisons, believed in order to make informed choices around
drinking, people needed personally relevant, objective information.

Drinks Meter is designed to allow people to think about their use and compare themselves anonymously to others.
It aims to nudge people to be safer and wiser, and to provide them with some simple tools and information to reduce the risk of harm related to their drinking and flag when there could be a potential issue.

In 2018 the New South Wales government commissioned Drinks Meter to deliver new functionality to help combat their severe issues with alcohol abuse in the state. This new version of Drinks Meter has now been made available to global users in the App store, on Google Play and at

New App functionality includes:

• Drinks tracker/diary
Record your drinks and set goals for your drinking in the future
• Pouring tool
See how many units you’re drinking in any glass with any beverage
• Audit
10 questions aimed to detect potentially harmful drinking
• Risk adjuster
Health questions to determine your personal vulnerability to alcohol-related harm
and adjust your consumption accordingly
• Support services
If you need further information, advice or support about your drinking, support services are provided.

Professor Paul Wallace, University College London, now Clinical Director Digital of the Health Innovation Network said :“It’s relevant, attractive, easy to use and provides useful feedback. In other words, it’s a great tool.”


Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals

Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals