The King’s Fund Digital health and care conference: innovation, problem-solving and understanding controversy

Wednesday 17 July 2024, The King's Fund, London, W1G 0AN

What are your thoughts on the future trajectory of health care delivery, especially the use of new and innovative technologies? Join our esteemed speakers and secure your spot for The King’s Fund Digital health and care conference. Explore the innovative strategies driving digital transformation to deliver responsive, person-centred care, enhance service integration, monitor patients, and improve access to health care services, especially in underserved or remote areas.

Through an engaging mix of panel discussions, presentations and workshops, we’ll address the country’s digital priorities and challenges and explore global digital care trends, workforce support, and virtual care models.

During one of our key sessions, you will have the chance to consider the impact of future-facing health and care technology, such as genomic testing, robotics, artificial intelligence and smart supply chains, to understand their impact on providers and recipients of care.

Choose from a variety of breakout sessions tailored to your interests! Dive into learning, leading, or collaborating – like our interactive session where you’ll explore what it takes to nurture a culture supporting change and innovation in your organisation.

The conference provides an established forum for health and care professionals, innovators and the partners they work with to come together to solve problems and learn how to effectively adopt digital solutions that support both the health and care workforce and enhance services for people who draw on health and care services.

‘The reason I’m excited for this year’s event is the breadth of what we’ve got in one day. From practical aspects of technology here and now to looking to the future and hearing about international efforts too. But most exciting of all is that we will close the day discussing some of the more controversial topics when it comes to technology in the NHS.’ Pritesh Mistry, Fellow, Digital Technologies, The King’s Fund

‘The King’s Fund was one of the first organisations to recognise the growing interest in digital health and care. They remain one of only two non-commercial UK organisations putting on brilliant events on this topic.’ Charles Lowe, CEO, Digital Health and Care Alliance

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Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals

Join our audience of healthcare industry professionals